《PERSONAL》✦Kawaii PH Creators Market, JaFun, etc.✦

a.k.a. the bigass post of me doing a ton of stuff lol. What happened to you Banana. Where have you been.

Uh, depression.

Not-so-jokes aside, here’s a super belated post!

Truthfully this was supposed to go up around the third week of May but I’ve been so busy with school (exams are coming in one after another and it’s horrible) so it’s been delayed for soooo long. In The past weeks I haven’t been posting though, in between studying and wallowing in self-loathing, I’ve been doing a bunch of things!

Kawaii PH Creators Market

Last April (APRIL!!! That’s two months ago!) 29, my sister and I tabled at the Kawaii PH Creators Market! I’ve been going through a terrible bout of art anxiety as of late (and I’ve been having some really awful wrist problems lately, lmao I can barely hold a pencil for 5 minutes) and this really helped in the… feelings department. I don’t want to repeat myself (that’s a little emotionally exhausting HAHA) but I’ve talked about that on my Instagram.

I didn’t buy as much as I usually would, but I’m super happy with my purchases! I got two sets of cat stickers (LMP‘s Silly Pussys and the other set from the stall next to Mommy Jets), a cat washi tape sampler (from Mommy Jets Little Japan), some stickers of fluffy animals (B-side Label through the Kawaii PH Store), an ikemen scientist sticker set (#aesthetic, from the stall I don’t know the name of, someone please tell me their name LOL huhu), and a cute ruler that was given to me (for free!) because I… spent so much time trying to decide on which ikemen sticker set I wanted. (There were ones with oyaji, buff guys, and even a MONK?? It was a tough decision. One of the toughest I’ve had to make in a while.)

The lower half is stuff I sold! ✨ I still have a ton of print stock left (they’re always so tough to deplete, haha), and a bunch of stickers on hand, but my Cardcaptor Sakura acrylic charms sold out and I still managed to break even somehow. S’all good. My favorite from all of these is the Zelda sticker set I made … for myself. HAHAHAHA

JaFUN 101, Let’s Do Shodo, The Octopus is an Octopus, but it is _____.

JaFUN 101 finished last month! They’re on the second cycle right now (JaFUN 102! You can sign up for individual sessions instead of the whole cycle) but I didn’t sign up because I’m in the direct line of sight of the exam cannon. It was fun while it lasted, though! It was something I looked forward to every week. Even though I know a bit of Japanese already (JLPT N5 *fart noise*), it was worth going to because Mayumi’s lessons gave us more context behind words and phrases and sentence structures from a cultural perspective. The materials she used were very charming, from Kimi no Na wa. to Sazae-san to my personal fave, Patapata Mama, it was a completely different take on the usual Japanese classes people have. JaFUN teaches with the goal of enriching and sharing rather than going after tests and work. It’s very close to my heart.

98B also held a shodo (Japanese calligraphy) workshop last June 4. I’ve always liked handwriting and I’ve always found it interesting, but if I thought my handwriting in Roman letters was bad………….. lol

Gosh, shodo is TOUGH.  There are a lot of rules involved, from the way you hold your pen to the way you sit (a bunch of started standing towards the end because our backs couldn’t take it HAHA), having to make dots at 45-degree angles, making straight lines that aren’t TOO straight… It really needed a lot of concentration and practice! It felt like some kind of discipline and focus-related activity LOL I really felt like I needed mental strength to do everything. Kanade, our facilitator and teacher, was very hands-on, and she took time to check up on each of the students one-by-one.

The end goal was for us to write a word we wanted on some shikishi, and I chose meteor (流星i) bc #brand LOL. It’s a little messy (especially the word for star, 星) but nonetheless satisfying. We were provided with a lot of materials so I can still continue practicing at home! ✨✨✨

Oh, and we tried to take a photo of everyone’s work… but Yoji (Mayumi’s son and my big fave) kept staying in the middle. He knew what he was doing. HAHAHA

Mayumi also invited us to a Takoyaki show (!?) that was part of the Karnabal Festival and it was… super interesting. We had to perform in order to get takoyaki, so my friends and I did an octopus impression, using our limbs as tentacles HAHAHAHA. I was surprised to learn about how octopi were used as war and resistance propaganda! CNN has some coverage of the event over here. Thanks for the food and the lesson, Takoyaki Boy!

Other personal things

We went to POUND by Todd English for Mother’s Day. Last time we went to the branch along Bonifacio High Street, but this time we went to the one in SM Megamall.

Last time I wasn’t so hungry so I only got a chicken slider and some salad, but this time I felt like go-big-or-go-home, so I got their loco moco! It needed a little more gravy though and I do wish the egg was a little runnier. The poutine was, as always, delicious!

Sometime after that was my birthday, and I spent it in a Sunday Nudes session! I hadn’t done any nude drawing in a long time, so I was super rusty. It was still a lot of fun though, the environment was very warm and welcoming. It was very unpretentious, plus there were snacks and water. AND CATS!!!!!! THREE CATS. My only wish is that the session was a little more organized–like some quick warmup poses first before moving to longer poses. Otherwise it was fun, and I’d definitely attend again if time and funds allowed it.

I spent the rest of my birthday eating and playing video games.

I got Persona 5 as a present because a lot of friends recommended it! I actually finished it (yesterday, ha ha, with 78 hours on it) and have started a New Game+! A lot of people spoil who the ~traitor~ is but that’s just such a tiny reveal, tbh. The plot is deep, I found it really interesting! The English translation/localization could be a little Much sometimes (I chose to play with Japanese audio so I could hear their lines instead lol), but it was cute. I don’t know how to talk about this game without giving anything away? It’s my very first game from the Persona series and I went in completely blind, so I’m glad it turned out fun and that I liked it a lot! 😀

YUSUKE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, HELP HIM!!! I love everything about him, from his aesthetic to his character. BIG THANK.

Aaaand that’s it for now! The next few weeks (months… lifetime) will be pretty busy with finals coming, but I’ll try to get another blog post up soon! Until then! 💪💪💪💪


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