《STATIONERY》✦my gradual descent into fountain pen suffering✦

Okay whoops! I’ve been meaning to get this out for around… a few weeks now (like, from around Holy Week?), but I’ve only managed to make time for it today. Good job, me. I wish I had a legitimate excuse but I’ve just been… so tired… and internet-less. Get it together, ISP!

To say that I love stationery is an understatement. I have a drawer at home dedicated to stationery but recently it’s gotten… so intense… that I’ve needed three separate drawers (storage spaces?) and that’s doesn’t even… include notebooks yet…………………. lmao

But if I had to pick a favourite stationery item, it’d definitely be the pen.

Though due to recent wrist-related struggles (hi, onset of carpal tunnel) I’ve had to become a little pickier with my pens! I used to be very fond of rollerballs and gel pens, but since my hand’s been getting tired a lot quicker I’ve had to look into other alternatives.

Enter the fountain pen!

My parents are stationery people, and my dad in particular LOVES fountain pens. I’ve seen a lot of them around growing up but never dared to touch them in fear of breaking the expensive lil suckers!! My first up close and personal experience with a fountain pen was with my sister’s Medium Nib Platinum Preppy in Pink (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for taking it from you without permission, but I gave it back okay!!!!!!!!) which wrote like a dream, but I didn’t give it much thought. I got a cheap Daiso fountain pen afterwards and it wrote pretty okay, but I refilled it with india ink like a DANG FOOL!!!!!! (Please don’t refill fountain pens with permanent inks, you will suffer and cry.)

A few years later, I needed to fill up some application forms, and me being the DANG FOOL!!! I am forgot to bring a pen, so my dad decided to lend me his fountain pen. Now that I’m older and wiser I realize that Mont Blancs tend to be a symbol of wealth or privilege or whatever, but when I used it I was shook. My grip was awful (my pen grip is still awful) but I fell in love with the way the ink looked. It was blue-black, and the letters I’d write would be darker in color towards the bottom (something I’d eventually learn was called shading), and I really loved how it looked.

A little while afterwards I bought my first legit LEGIT fountain pen, the Pilot Metropolitan (~500 PHP). Truthfully I bought it because I just needed something to use my ink with, haha, but it was a lot nicer than I’d expected it to be. I liked how heavy it felt in my hands. I picked a black body for it, and a fine nib so I could use it comfortably with my Hobonichi. It came with an aerometric converter (the kind you squeeze to suck up ink into the reservoir) which I didn’t know how to use back then (hah). I loved it a lot, but it got lost in the middle of a lot of… house shenanigans. A good started pen that I feel like I was spoiled by. (Tip: It can be pretty expensive at National Bookstore. Colored-bodied Metropolitans are more expensive than their black/silver counterparts. I have a professor who told me that there’s a Pilot store somewhere around/in Quiapo where you can get Metropolitans for much less, but I haven’t ventured out there yet.) I usually get my pen stuff from Scribe!

After my loss (lol) I got another nib, the LAMY Vista! I like clear-bodied pens just because you can see how much ink they have left in them. The Vista and I didn’t really get along at first because the grip makes you hold it in a certain way, but I’ve found that it’s been easy for me to hold it. It was around ~1600 PHP, which might seem? Exorbitant for a pen to some, but it’s something I use on a daily basis. It’s my primary note-taking pen, because plain-colored notes make me sleepy lol

I wasn’t supposed to get the TWSBI Mini as early as I did, but as we all know, things don’t always go as planned. The Mini has a twist cap and I find that I really like the weight it has. It’s not something I often use for note taking (the twist is really convenient so that there are no accidents in my pencil case, but it could dry out the nib if I try to take notes with it), but I really like drawing with it. It’s around… twice the price of the LAMY Safari, but it writes a lot smoother, and I prefer it overall. (I HATE THE GRIP THOUGH!!! There’s a ridged part that always hits the proximal interphalangeal joint of my middle finger lmao but That’s The Price Of A Screw On Cap.)

I didn’t mean to own this much ink LOL

I keep telling people in my household that we can share! Ink! But people are stubborn lol. Anyway again ink prices can seem like a lot for some people, but a little goes a long way. These babies take forever to run out.

The Pilot blue-black is the newest edition to my ink collection. I wanted a color that I could use for schoolwork so I decided blue-black was the way to go. I initially wanted the Pilot Iroshizuku in Shinkai, but it hasn’t been in stock for a while, so I settled for this. This is loads cheaper, and looks pretty. I use it for notes and schoolwork. I’ve refilled my pens since the time I took the photos for this post, and currently my Mini is filled with the blue black.

Sailor’s Storia inks come in pretty frosted glass bottles. They come in cute cardboard containers with a really cute label too. Everything about them is really cute. The colors they come in are pretty vibrant, so I got two of the colors I really like–green (Balloon) and pink (Dancer). I prefer Dancer to Balloon though, lol, and it was the first bottle of ink I ever bought. Storia Inks are… permanent-ish so use have to use the pens they’re in regularly;; I only use Storia with my Vista because of how often I use it. (Before my Metropolitan disappeared it was filled with Storia, RIP, IT’S PROBABLY DEAD NOW.) My Vista was filled with Balloon when I took photos, but now it’s filled with Dancer.

J. Herbin has been making inks for ages, and when I first saw a swatch of Poussiere de Lune (a purple with brownish hints? It’s kind of hard to describe when you’re bad at words, haha) I knew I had to get my hands on it. I got Terre de Feu (brown) because I like the way brown ink looks, and as well as because brown ink was what they used to test my Metropolitan, hehe. They’re pretty expensive but their not-so-waterproof quality makes it really nice to use for drawing, imo!

Generally, when I use fountain pens I write in cursive because there’s less stress on my wrist. Plus it feels really nice when everything loops together smoothly, hee hee. My drawings tend to be pretty loose (again, so there’s less wrist stress), so I’ve found fountain pen works really well for my quick drawings.


  • Fountain pens write really nice and are wrist-friendly, because you don’t use as much pressure
  • They’re pricey, but reusable–you can just clean and refill them over and over again. With good handling fountain pens can last FOREVERRRrrrerrrre herhfdjhkdfsjhafdsfdas
  • Because you can refill them over and over again, you don’t have to buy hella pens just to use certain ink colors!
  • They’re really pretty!! SAAN KA PA BA TBH!!!

My dream pen is the Pilot Namiki Milky Way Raden. It’s handcrafted and absurdly expensive, but it’s so pretty! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to have one in my possession. :’)

Aaaas for recent occurrences, I’m about to enter the most stressful part of the year (I’ll explain sometime, haha), so I’ve been spending a lot of time alone, winding down and watching a bunch of Ghibli movies. I watched Ponyo twice within the past week, haha. I think I’ve finally managed to recharge my social energy though, so I might just be ready to face the world again soon! (●≧ω≦)9


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