No matter how I look at it, three weeks is too short for a break… _(┐「ε:)_ That’s still so much better than what most working people can get so I’m thankful for any kind of rest I can have!  That said I haven’t been feeling well lately (rather, I’ve been having some Pretty Bad sleeping troubles), to the point where my dermatologist asked me if I had gotten sick recently lololol. That said I got my TCA peel yesterday and it stung a tiny bit, but otherwise I’ve been okay! I can’t wait to peel like a snek ( ᵌ ㅊ ᵌ )

Without further ado, here’s what’s been up for the past week!


Recently Cheese and I signed up for 98B’s JaFUN 101 because our Japanese is… seriously out of shape. lol. We’re both N5 passers and I’m planning on skipping to N3 (L O L) but it’s not enough to like. Know a language? Using it and speaking in it is different from understanding it so I’m personally trying to build up some confidence to get better at it. ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

It was pretty fun! Mostly stuff I already knew, but I learned a bunch of vocab I’ve never used, plus learned about some customs. We watched some parts of Your Name. and Mayumi (who is cute, her family is also super cute) pointed out something I didn’t notice when I watched it the first time and YA GIRL WAS SHOOK!!11!1 The lessons can be taken per session (next Sunday’s is about ordering food and lmao if I didn’t have flashbacks to when I stayed in Japan and just pointed at things) and as far as I know there are still some free slots, so come join us! ٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶ Everyone is nice and the class is very beginner-friendly!

I headed to Escolta straight from Church (alllll the way in Pasig lol) so I didn’t get to have lunch, but the Den has a lot of food now so I tried out their Katsu sandwich! Soft bread and well seasoned meat and sauce, but the katsu was really just a touuuuuch too tough for me, and my jaw kind of hurt when I finished it (´°ω°`)

A cute cat ad. Hihi

I hope I get to stumble upon the Cat House thing sometime! HUB: Make Lab is constantly evolving, so every time I visit there’s something new to look at. There are currently a bunch of interesting art installations in the space, too!

Afterward I headed back to Pasig to meet up with friends (SAMGYUPSAL MASTER ELAINE!!!!!!) and eat lots of meat, amongst other things. #Samgyupsad HUHUHUHU


I didn’t get to take any pictures on April 12, but I did a whole bunch of stuff, like eat crepes and an いきなりJapanese lunch with some friends again! In the evening though my family and I went to BGC, and we ended up getting a bunch of… vinyls lmao my secret hobby.  We got Simon and Garfunkel‘s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Sound of Silence, a record of all Diana Ross and the Supremes‘s top-charters, as well as a copy of Holst‘s The Planets by the London Philharmonic, and Debussy‘s La Mer ~ Trois Nocturnes by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We got to go back to Freezer Burn too, and their ice cream is still hecka tasty (ノ≧ڡ≦)


Usually my family spends Holy Week in Manila because people go out town (meaning there are less cars and less people, ha ha) but we decided to go to Pampanga this time, just to mix it up a little. We stayed at the Park Inn by Radisson, which was really colorful and clean, though admittedly still a little far from one of  the best hotels I’ve stayed at. (They get brownie points just for having bidets in their hotel rooms though, SOFITEL GET ON THEIR LEVEL lol)

In the evening we had dinner with my dad’s friend’s family at Café Fleur, where I ate too much. I only managed to get a picture of the paco salad (fave) and my tsokolate batirol milkshake, because we dug into the other food too quickly. (I WAS SO FULL I COULDNT’ EAT SISIG… I’M STILL SO SAD ABOUT THIS) They had a cat hanging around at the entrance, which was really cute!


We spent the 14th doing absolutely nothing (save for leaving the hotel to eat more samgyupsal, as we do), so we were all set to go home on the 14th! We had lunch at Amoremio with my dad’s friends before leaving though!

I’m honestly not a HUGE fan of the place, because there was a cheese? And maybe pork smell that was pretty overwhelming for me. I got the eggplant parmigiana (with burrata!) and it was honestly really, really good. I’d come back just for that!



I’ve been nagging at my family for a while now to try out POKE/POKE with me, and last Sunday they finally relented!

I got their Cali bowl because raw salmon and mango are my life. My cheapskate butt would not be able to afford this on the regular (I had the cheapest order in my family but my bowl still cost somewhere in the low 300s, lol) but it was really tasty. They have benishoga and Sriracha on the side, and you can use up as much of it as you want. *____*

After some walking (and buying new bedsheets lol) we settled down at Mary Grace, where we got my fave strawberry shortcake and Mary Grace hot chocolate! I wanted ice cream at first but once I found out that it was Pompompurin‘s birthday, I knew I needed cake to celebrate !!!!!!

zzzzz and tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind, because my break is over and school has come to once again take over my life. I am very excited to take one of my classes alone #lol.

I’ll be at the Kawaii PH Maker’s Market on April 29 with my sister! I’ll be working hard to finish everything I plan on selling but in the meantime………. suffering awaits lol _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ


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