《PERSONAL》✦GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, Spring Cleaning, Natsu Matsuri, Worlds 2017, etc.✦

Mmm I know I said I was on break but the first week of vacation was filled with so much stuff to do! I was feverish yesterday (and I’ve been feeling a little dehydrated as of late, remember to drink enough water kids) because I’ve been going at life full-force, but I finally have time to settle down and do absolutely nothing. My favorite hobby. Not doing anything :’)

Disclaimer: I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but someone knocked my phone off a high surface and broke its camera (RIP), so all I can really use to take photos are… my phone’s selfie cam… because I don’t want to lug around a giant camera (that I don’t know how to use anyway) everywhere. YOINKS


Lured by food (kidding, of course), I attended the opening of Girls Girls Girls last Tuesday! I stayed for quite a while and got to see good art and some of my favorite people. It was a lot of fun, and it got so crowded! You know why!!! Because all the artists there are talented!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Alex. Hi forehead lol

I wasn’t TOTALLY joking about the food though HAHA there were a bunch of yummy things there but… by the end of the evening…

I didn’t get to go around to take pictures of the artwork because… taking not-selfies with a selfie cam looks really, really weird in person, but everything was so lovely! Armaine has good taste (as always heehee) and everyone’s works were so wonderful. Lots of lovely variation and mixed media (for example: embroidery, mirrors in the works, and nail polish) that makes you wanna stop and admire each piece. Lots of different themes–like friendship, self-love, insecurities, sensuality to name a few–that are wonderfully portrayed through the viewpoint of us as girls (girls girls).

Again, hecka congratulations to all the artists! Super happy for all of them, but a special shout out to Armaine, who is someone I really admire (NUX)! We haven’t known each other very long but in the little time that we spent together she’s helped me remember that art is something for everyone. And that it’s not as intimidating as I think. And that there’s always room to learn and to take any learning opportunities I can, as well as to experiment. And, well, to actually MAKE ART lolololol. I’ll miss you a lot! ;;;

all my photos have alex in them LOL

They were selling a bunch of merchandise (zines, shirts, prints, stickers, etc.) by the artists and I… bought a bunch from Pam Diegor’s stash! Incidentally her art was used in the promos and the free postcards they were giving away at the event ✨ I’ve bought merch from the other artists at previous events though, heehee.

Girls Girls Girls will be running until April 18 at A SPACE Makati.


I had a few guests over last week so I had to try my best to tidy up the house. Keyword is try, lol. I’m in the middle of sorting my stuff, but while going through my old bags and drawers I came across an old letter I wrote to myself back in 2013, when I was in a pretty awful stage in life lol. A bunch of things happened between the day I wrote the letter and the date on the envelope so I didn’t get to read it on time, but it was really nostalgic anyway. I’m used to writing posts for online time capsule memes but handwriting one and keeping it just for your own eyes lets you write something a lot more personal.

My favorite excerpt from this letter:

“Take care of yourself, and do your best to let other people take care of you. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, because there are somethings that you won’t be ready for right away. Take things at your own pace, but be prepared to step out of your comfort zone (AS ALWAYS) and take action on your own. But remember to give yourself time to recover. You’re afraid and everything is terrifying. You’ve been so brave, and the fact that you managed to make it to 19 makes me feel so, so proud of you. Make it to 20. Then 21. Then 22. And so on and so forth.”

As always, thank you for believing in me enough to get me where I am today, younger self! But you still suck because you got so much junk that I need to throw out.


Went back up the hill to attend Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri 2017! I was interested in last year’s but had no one to attend with, but this year a friend who works at the Ateneo invited me to go along with her. I saw a lot of familiar faces (from art circles, from Kawaii PH, from high school, etc. etc.) but mostly felt too shy to say hello! The pains of being me tbh LOL

The event lasted until 11? I think? But I only stayed until around 8:30 because I had a lot to do the following day lol. They had a bunch of traditional (ish) festival booths to try out… so I tried all of them HAHAHAHAHAHA

It’s almost impossible to fail at Yo-yo Tsuri, so I managed to get one balloon! It kind of crushed my pride because the person who was playing at the same time as I was managed to get three without much difficultY.

Then I tried Kingyo Sukui, and HOLY WOW am I terrible at it lol. A girl managed to catch three in a row (though her scoop did break per try) and I caught absolutely nothing lol. Even if I caught one I’d probably just return it, I don’t have any space or facilities or whatever to take care of a fish right now ;;; I hope the fish are okay;;;;;;;;;

Their version of Shateki is different because 1) they used NERF guns and 2) they didn’t make you shoot prizes, but instead boxes with Japanese characters on them! So when you hit a box you have to name the character on the box, and I was so hurt when people didn’t know who Jibanyan was lol. Pompompurin, one of my favorite Sanrio characters of all time, was there too but no one wanted to aim at his picture;;; (That just means Purin survived!!) Anyway I only managed to hit one so instead of getting a milk tea gift card (dangit!!) I got a bunch of wafers. Which is okay because food is always a good prize for me.

The last game I tried was Wanage, which… I was also really awful at so they gave me more wafers as a consolation prize.

Also kinda funny, but I’ve been needing a new sunblock because I’ve run out of my ridiculously expensive fave… Guess what they were giving away for free.


(I ended up finding a backup bottle for my face sunscreen at home though so I’ll probably end up using this for my body, haha.)


I bought juice, in honor of that one time Yuzuru Hanyu drank too much juice and looked kinda orange on camera.

Throughout last week was Worlds 2017, which was highkey stressful because it’s one of the events they use to determine who and how many people get to go to next year’s Olympics in Pyeongchang. I didn’t watch all of it (I was less than invested in the ladies’ events because my favorites from the current field–Mao Asada and Satoko Miyahara–weren’t there, and because I don’t want to watch a program about 9/11, especially considering I was almost caught in said tragedy)  but the Worlds viewing party I was talking about in a previous post was held at my house, so I watched the Men’s free live!

Some personal highlights, thoughts, and favorites (these are mostly the men though don’t @ me):

  • No one is surprised, but Sui/Han‘s win! Wenjing fell on the side-by-side triple salchow again, but nevertheless this program and their skating brought me to tears. They’re just so, so good, and I love everything about them and this program. After two years of silver, I’m so glad they got the gold they deserve;;;
  • I’m gonna throw it out there already but Yuzuru Hanyu‘s free skate. While I don’t have any strong feelings for either of his programs this season (but I really like Notte Stellata, though it’s his exhibition) it’s just. So. Good. To see him skate clean. It’s exhilarating, to say the least. While I personally feel like his free skate can bring out his posture problems I’m just so happy that he finally got this program clean and that he finally became World Champion with a clean skate;;;
  • Shoma Uno continues to wow everyone by being amazing in both of his programs. EXCEPT THAT DARN LUTZ IN THE FREE SKATE!!!! Honestly? I really thought that his short program lead would have been enough to keep him ahead of Yuzuru, but clean Yuzuru is near impossible to beat. Shoma is so young but so expressive, and he has this finesse and maturity to his skating that other senior men in his age group don’t really have, imo. Though his exhibition makes me giggle, lol.
  • “so young but so expressive with finesse and maturity” this is a commercial break I REALLY MISS SATOKO LOL ):
  • Ohhhh gosh Javier Fernandez‘s short program. When he’s on, he’s ON, clean and with great charisma. But he was clearly spookt in the free, please stop clapping in time with his music it might mess up his rhythm lol;;;
  • Patrick Chan‘s skating feels like a breath of fresh air to me. It has a quiet quality that you can’t find in any of the other men, and his movements are so gentle and so controlled! While I still don’t like the fact that he tends to run his mouth a little, him entering the 100 points club with his short program made me really happy for him.
  • TWO-TIME WORLD BRONZE MEDALIST BOYANG JIN with two good programs. Gosh, Boyang’s improved so much this season and I’m so proud of my beansprout nephew! Boyang’s programs youthful in a playful way, and the way he performs them is fun without being tacky or trite! Amazing jumps aside (always awed by his quadruple lutz), he’s been steadily improving the other aspects of his skating, like his skating skills! SO PROUD OF HIM!!!
  • Special shout out to reigning Olympic champion ice dancer Charlie White, whose coverage was very thoughtful and, well, thought provoking. And interesting, of course! He made them a lot of fun lol

As you can tell, don’t talk to me about skating IRL because I will talk for at least five years about everyone. I love everyone ):

Unfortunately, the Philippines doesn’t have a spot in the Winter Olympics (YET!!!), but hopefully Michael Christian Martinez (with his amazing team, good music choices, and good choreography) will do ggggrrrrreeeeaaaaaat at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September! Olympic qualifying math is tough stuff, y’all. Skating math in general is more complicated than you’d think. I already do math for school why do I do it for my fav sport too lol lo lo lo lo lo lolololol

Oh! And while waiting for the rest of the skating party to arrive Cheese and I watched a bunch of sea creature vids. They’re so cute (left, right). I also had a bunch of fried chicken cooked for the party, and there was so much of it that I felt like Kim Bok Joo LOL


There have been a bunch of stuff for my family to celebrate lately so we went out for shabu shabu at Ganso Shabuway! The family got seafood but I ate like a plateful of meat and half a plate of vegetables, because of course I would. I didn’t get to take a photo of the meat because I wanted to eat right away, true to brand LOL. We’d been eyeing the macaron ice cream sandwiches at Duck & Buvette for a while too, so we got some! It wasn’t too sweet, just how I like it!

And finally, this week’s spoils (that are mostly necessities for once LOL)

From left to right:

  • EMBOSS bridal tinsel embossing powder! For an upcoming tiny project that you will maybe see soon, but more importantly I really hope that… this dries… clear….. HAHAHAHA
  • Straight pen holder, Tachikawa G nib! I’ve wrecked my old pen holder (I’ve had it for more than three years already) so I thought it was about time to get a new one lol. I prefer wood to plastic because I like the feel of more weight in my hand when writing (it personally makes it easier for me to control)! I already own a Nikko G nib, but I’ve always wanted a Tachikawa G, so when I saw it I got it. (Disclaimer: These are for drawing lol)
  • THE PINK CARDCAPTOR SAKURA RUBBER WATCH HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU finally arrived anyway I haven’t opened it because I’m scared lol but it’s so cute and it was love at first sight. I got it as part a group order with Cardcaptor Sakura PH! (I think I still might? Have to pay for something???? But I’m not sure. help)
  • COSRX’s Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, a rec from Chai, whose recs I trust the most. I didn’t expect there to be so much product lol, I thought it would be a lot smaller! But thankfully it isn’t;;

That’s all for now, folks! I don’t have anything lined up for the next few weeks (thankfully) so hopefully I get to recover all the sleep I’ve lost in the year so far;;; See you next time!


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