《4CC 2017》✦HAUL✦

in which i am the embodiment of one_direction-no_control.mp3

Korea is awful. Not in a political sense or anything but there are just so many… cute things… everywhere, and most of the time they aren’t extravagantly priced! AWFUL!!!!11!! PLUS!!! SO!!! MANY COLLAB ITEMS thank god none of them were Miffy or Cardcaptor Sakura or else I’d be completely broke by now ;;


First and foremost, the reason I went to Korea in the first place was to watch the Four Continents Championships. It was the test event for next year’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics, so naturally they sold a lot of Olympics items. The two mascots for the olympics are a white tiger named Soohorang and an Asiatic black bear named Bandabi, and the very first time I laid my eyes on Soohorang, I fell in love. ))): Obviously. I love mascot characters a lot, alright!!! Especially ones at figure skating competitions. )):

I didn’t really like stuffed toys and cushions until recently so as soon as I saw they were selling Soohorang’s giant head plush I got it lol /o\ the stickers are super cute too! And the pouch (plus it’s a pastel pink)… and the clear files… I’m out of control LOL they’re soooooo cute. They also had lapel pins up for display but they weren’t selling them just yet;;; bummer!


Truthfully, since I was watching skating the whole time, it was my mom who did bulk of the shopping. They went down to Seoul from Gangneung and she came across their Daiso and basically had a field day lol. Not all of these are from Daiso (some of them come from random side stalls and hobby stores lol) but bulk of them are. I love Moomin, so there’s a lot of Moomin stuff too! :3c Most of the items were priced at 1000 KRW (~50 PHP) so it’s… so much cheaper… than it is here… I can understand your struggle, mom.


Remember how I got a really cute “link in bio” cap while I was in the US? Unfortunately while we were rushing to the arena one day I left it in the taxi, and they drove off before I could get it back!! ;;; I was really sad about it but I understood that I wasn’t being careful about my belongings in the first place so I think I got over it pretty quickly! But. Again. While I wasn’t looking my parents got me a similar hat, except this time with the phases of the moon at the back! It has a better lock system too. It’s really nice and clean-looking, so I really like it a lot!


Lastly I definitely wasn’t going to leave Korea without buying a single cosmetic item LOL. Aside from the Doraemon lip balm in my earlier post, I also bought Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero Purity (lmao @ my sensitive skin), Laniege Two Tone Lip Tint Bar in Cherry Milk, Holika Holika x Gudetama All Night Lip Tint in Drop The Cherry and Jackpot Orange, and TONY MOLY x Pokemon hand lotions in Eevee, Togepi, and Pikachu!

I wasn’t planning on getting the Clean It Zero for a while because the price put me off so much (lmao you can beat me up I thoroughly understand it’s around the same price as the Two Tone Lip Tint Bar), but the Clean It Zero Purity was on sale for 14 USD (~700 PHP) at the airport versus the 1090 PHP it costs here! While I wasn’t looking my mom bought the Shu Uemura anti-pollutant cleansing oil too though so I don’t know where to… begin LOL. I don’t normally wear face makeup very often in the first place. That’s too much work for someone who’s gonna sweat it all of at school/during commuting dude lol.


① Holika Holika x Gudetama All Night Lip Tint in Drop the Cherry
② Holika Holika x Gudetama All Night Lip Tint in Jackpot Orange
③ Laneige Two Tone Lip Tint Bar in Cherry Milk

Aaand an unedited photo of tint swatches! We got the Gudetama tints as a set of four (it was also on sale for around 13~14 USD/650~700 PHP) and my sister got the pink and the red lol. I don’t normally like orange lip stuff because they make me look faux youthful for some reason;; but my sister really wanted red and pink so I gave them to her! The orange doesn’t look too bad on me so far, so I don’t mind. I’ve been leaning towards darker shades recently, so I really fought for Drop the Cherry LOL. This is also the reason why I got the Laneige tint in Cherry Milk! I thought my Two Tone Lip Bar was already pretty moisturising, but the tint is even more so. (I’m a little sad bc we got it from Aritaum where it was like ~20 USD, but at the airport it was… 17 USD HUHUHUHUHU) All of them taste and smell pretty fruity, although Jackpot Orange has some orange-y undertones in the taste that make it reallllly nasty for me.

The lotions are pretty cute, but I haven’t tried them yet! We also got this in a set and I split it with my mom and my sister. I haven’t smelled them yet, but apparently Pikachu is vanilla scented, Togepi is lemon, and Eevee is powder (my favourite!). My sister uses Jigglypuff which smells like peach, and it’s a little too strong for me, so I’m glad I got the milder scents by chance because we picked stuff solely based on Pokemon we like lol.

The lady at the cashier was super helpful while we were shopping and even gave us a ton of free samples HUHU nothing I can really use since I’m trying to keep my face free of stuff I’m not familiar with/stuff that isn’t declared hypoallergenic LOL but all in due time, friends.

Aaand that’s it! Thankfully not nearly as much as the things I got from the US, and I’m especially thankful that I got products that I can actually use on a regular basis, lol. So far I’ve really liked everything I’ve bought and tried!

I’m sloooooowly working on that giant 4CC post but it looks like it might (!) just be a monster, seeing as I took more than 200 (!!!!!) photos! No chill, but I’ll work hard to go through all the bad photographs HAHA


4 thoughts on “《4CC 2017》✦HAUL✦


    lol tbh i didn’t know you were in korea until you posted the food pics!!!! but i’m glad you had fun?? omg pano pa kung ako pupunta dun…….. i might end up not buying anything cos i’ll keep comparing things and prices………… (aka what happened at the innisfree in kl sighs)


    • CRIES @ U
      LOL yeah I was too busy handling school stuff and I don’t like being ott ABT it much anyway ;(; thank you!!! and LMAO maybe you will buy sth if you have a checklist of things you already wanna buy?? huhu best to save spending for duty free tho things are SOOO MUCH CHEAAAPER TAPOS may discount pa cries. i hope you get to go sometime ;;


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