《4CC 2017》✦What’s in Your Bag?✦

And now it’s time for your obligatory “What’s in Your Bag?” post!

Since it’s still winter, the contents of my bag aren’t so different from the previous post! However, because I wasn’t there for sightseeing, there are some changes!


First and foremost, I changed my bag! I bought this at Duty Free when I got home from the US last month because it was half off (HALF!!) and really wanted a small backpack to bring around, since all I use now are either handbags or giant, heavy duty backpacks. It uses a drawstring but there’s a zipper at the side for easy access, though since I live in Manila I keep it zipped up and LOCKED bc I’m paranoid lolol. It’s tiny but it can hold a lot of stuff, I felt like Hermione and her bottomless bag whenever I brought something out lol.

On days where I needed to bring banners and gifts, I’d have a zip-up eco bag with me to hold them all!

overexposed-lol passport

lmao exposure

I bought a travel organizer for Typo and so far it’s been a really useful purchase! It has compartments for money and coins (though I don’t use them for money nor coins because… what if they get stolen dude), boarding passes, documents, pens, passports, etc. etc. It has everything I need in one place! I didn’t really want to get one that said “Life Ambition: Be a Mermaid” but it was the only one left with a cute color combination inside ):



I needed money for food, so I brought my wallets! I decided to bring a different one since… it gets really frustrating when I mix up currencies in my wallet, lol. The wallet is from EGG and is actually a really nice dusty rose with gold accents, so I attached my Hyrule sigil keychain to it. And of course, my coin pouch is a Miffy from p+g! (Dick Bruna passed away while I was still in Korea, and I’ve always loved Miffy a lot so I’m just a little;;;)


I used my Hobonichi to hold my event tickets, and the Muji notebook to write down notes on skaters for personal reference (I’m a nerd, I know). The metal bookmark doubles as a ruler! I brought several pens along, from top to bottom–Pilot Preppy brush pen in blue black, Uni Style Fit with 0.5 black Jetstream ink, a Pentel Twist Erase 0.7 mechanical pencil with 2B lead, a LAMY Vista with an M nib filled with Sailor’s Storia ink in Dancer, and in my Hobonichi is my TWSBI Diamond Mini with an M nib, filled with J. Herbin’s Poussiere de Lune.



Speaking of being extra, I brought two cameras–the Canon Powershot SX40 HS and my Cath Kidston Instax Mini 25! As you can tell I’m really bad with cameras and I take most of my photos with my phone, but for figure skating I make an exception and bring out the big guns. It’s been really useful, but I’m a fool who forgot how to set it to burst… lol. One  day I’ll figure it out, not that I’m expecting to watch another competition any time soon!

Naturally, the Instax is there in case I meet any of my faves 👀 And the refill is there just in case I meet too many of my faves 👀 But that’s highly unlikely, ya know?


Me Being Me brings around my 3DS just in case. I’m currently playing Yo-kai Watch,  but I downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross and have been working hard to beat my records lol. I usually played with my 3DS during ice resurfacing and other breaks.

And of course, my trusty Asus ZenPower powerbank! It can recharge my phone like 6 or more times with just two bars of power )): The real MVP of this trip, keeping my phone alive because I kept livetweeting everything on my skating twitter!


Lastly, I brought a bunch of cosmetic things too! I understand that 3 lip products is A Lot but honestly I kept switching them around throughout the day because I’d constantly feel like I looked weird, lol. The Doraemon thing is actually a strawberry-flavored lip balm since I left my other balms at home! The lip stuff I used on this trip were Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar in Milk Blurring, Glossier’s Generation G in Crush, and a sample size of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipgloss in Disco Rose. I brought around blotting paper just in case I needed it, but honestly my skin felt so dryyyy the whole time so I didn’t need it. I didn’t get to photograph it, but I also kept my trusty Cath Kidston hand creme in my bag to keep my hands from peeling. Winter is tough when you’re from the tropics, y’all.

And that’s it! I like to think it’s a lot less stuff compared to when I went sightseeing in NY. Watching figure skating is mostly business (lmao), so I really focused on that more than anything else! After catching up with school requirements (groan) I’ll be posting about the event itself, hopefully soon!


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