《NYC 2016-17》✦WEEK 3✦


Bulk of this post is really just my trip to the MoMA! Haha, most other days were spent resting and buying things (lel) and relaxing with family.

I’m really bummed that our internet at home is butts and didn’t get to save my draft of this post! (There used to be more text bc I’m hecka daldal lol) Also, I’m updating from Korea (!!!) while on vacation, like a true champ. HAHA

DAY 15, DEC 30


Ew face HAHA but I’ve been having really weird problems with eyeliner lately (even with primer they’ve been transferring and smudging huhu) so I’m thinking about forgoing eyeliner (!!) for the most part! Also recently I’ve realized how much I like shimmery eyeshadow, haha. I still can’t wear anything on my lids that aren’t pinks or reds though.


We went back to Manhattan to meet up with a family friend ! We happened to pass by Alexander (and Eliza!) Hamilton’s grave on the way to the Oculus mall, so I took some photos for my younger sister.

eeeeaataly oculus


We were supposed to eat at Eataly but people plans change, so we didn’t get to go around much! The last time I was around this area was in 2008, and before that was 2001. :’)


We did, however, find time to drop by the Moleskine store! I wanted to get my dad something for Christmas but unfortunately everything I wanted to get him was either a) out of my budget or b) something he already owned. The store has a lot of pens and pencils you can try on display! I was pretty bummed about leaving my Hobonichi at home, because I really wanted to use their cute stamps;;; Boo!


We ended up eating somewhere called the North End Grill! My parents and aunt got sandwiches and pizza but I’m a fake vegetarian, so I got Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnocchi with Delicata Squash and Oyster Mushroom. It cost a whopping 30 USD but is one of the best gnocchi’s I’ve ever had (the best is probably from the Shangri-la in Mactan lol), it’s light and fluffy with the right balance of sweet, tart, and salty. Definitely one of my favorite meals from our stay!maaaalll


We headed for dessert and coffee (dessert for me, coffee for the higher-level adults lol) at Le District at Brookfield Place! It has EVERYTHING. From pizza and sandwiches to cookies and cakes and gelato. I got a tiny cheesecake (that did not cost a tiny amount, lol) and it was really tasty! Why must you taste so good yet be so little and cost so much money, huhu.


We then went on our long-anticipated trip to the ✨MoMA✨! Incidentally we went on a Friday, which means entrance was free after 4PM (thanks Uniqlo)! To be honest I didn’t want to visit during Free Fridays because I know it’s going to be packed with people, and it’s hardly ever fun to go to places packed with people… but this was the only time we had for this! ;;

Naturally there was a ton of interesting stuff! There are some space and moon photos above which were really pretty. A lot of the colors used in the exhibits were gorgeous; I want to be able to use them someday too;;;


This was a book filled with photos of the sky over the course of several days!

zinespirations lol.png

They had an exhibit set up about the Russian Avant-Garde, and a bunch of the little books on display are zinespirations! Again I really liked the use of colors and shapes in this exhibit especially, though there was this little tidbit about the nature of Russian art that I found hilarious but will choose not to recount for the sake of tastefulness lol






Some guy next to me whispered to his friend: “If someone did the Hotline Bling dance in front of this, my night would be MADE.” Same, kuya.


There were a bunch of famous and iconic artists and works in the MoMA, but that doesn’t tie in so well with Free Fridays in the sense that it makes it impossible to get photos of these pieces because everyone’s trying to crowd around them to do the same! ;; Thankfully at least Warhol’s works were staggered across the museum, but the sculpture with the hippopotamus flesh is a bummer, since I didn’t get to take a photo of both of its sides! It was one of my favorites too–it’s a sculpture of rotting hippo flesh portraying a fake epidemic and is enough to give you chills! And I’m a little irritated about the Klimt, I thought I finally managed to get an o-kay photo, but someone’s hand decided to make a cameo. WHY… why…


The exhibit on the refugee crisis is the only exhibit I got to look at with my parents, because they said they felt too tired and old (“”””old””””) to go around more. Which ended up working out for me because of the exhibits were really… NSFW LOL

They had floorplans and designs for housing at the exhibit, plus temporary safe houses and creativity kits (with crayons and everything) from the UN. The yarn work above, which tracks human mobility, came with an interesting description: “Though mobility is often associated with wealth and privilege, the scale of the current global refugee crisis forces us to consider the impacts of forced displacement on millions of individuals.


Like I mentioned earlier, uh, some of the exhibits got reallllly NSFW. One of which is Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, the title of which pretty much describes it perfectly. It was curious, but not something I’d like to look at with my parents around. (I never thought there’d come a day when I’d be in a room filled with people with all of us looking at a picture of someone’s dong, but there’s a first time for everything.)

(Naturally, I didn’t take any photos!!! For the sake of everyone who goes through my camera roll huhu)

is that what i think it is .png

Speaking of dongs. I saw this from afar, squinted, and whispered to myself: “Is that a chair made of dongs?” and when I read the description I was right. Yayoi Kusama’s Accumulation No. 1 is really weirdly satisfying to look at, especially when you think about how she made each one of those phalluses (lol) one-by-one. I find it relaxing ok lol




Teiji Furuhashi’s Lovers really hurt my heart ;; It’s a kind of quiet love and sorrow that you can only really experience by seeing the exhibit in person. ;;; I don’t have much to say about this because for a few minutes, while I was in the room where they were exhibiting this, I was just standing there stunned.


Afterwards, I bought some stuff–a postcard, a magnet for my grandmother, and a Monet print for myself. The MoMA store also carries… Miffy stuff… and I love Miffy LOL GRABE NAMAN YUNG SHIFT SA TONE NITO LOL ):

DAY 16, DEC 31


New Year’s Eve was pretty tame. I was supposed to go to Times Square with my aunt and cousins but wasn’t allowed to because it is Very Very Danger. I was upset about it for a little while but came to terms with it after I realized that this could possibly the only New Year’s I’m spending with my tiny niece while she’s still a tiny kid;;; which more than made up for my sadness LOL. Unfortunately though we had some white wine (champagne? idk dude alcohol is Not My Thing) that I had a really bad allergic reaction to so I didn’t get to do much except complain about how bad I felt. What a way to start the new yearrrrrrr lel

The light pollution over Manhattan was intense! The sky was so bright you’d think it was almost dawn, lol.

DAY 17, JAN 1

We spent it resting for the most part, especially because of the bad allergy incident! In the evening we did go to my aunt’s house in New Jersey, where we got to play with the tiny cousins more! ;; I miss them a lot already;;;;;;;

DAY 18, JAN 2


We went to Jersey Gardens to get stuff we needed! Like shoes because I run and walk so much around Manila that I’ve worn holes into all my sneakers lol. I didn’t get to do much during the first half of the day because I got really sick (#justbananathings), but good ol’ Tylenol saved my butt.


I really wanted this sword but taking it home would be impractical! Plus I have no monsters to fight aside from my low self-esteem CHAR

cute but impractical lol.png

Speaking of which! My sister and I found some really cute plus-sized stores which is really nice;;; They were really cute and really tastefully made! I found the coat above (that fits my ~aesthetic lol) in one of them and really wanted to get it, but again it’s super impractical because I live in the tropics!!


lmao we found the original angry cat!! I got it on a shirt because it’s so cute. I got my new favorite hat from the same store too, even if there are no links in my bio lol

All in all, I made some really solid purchases that day! The leather bag is from Dr. Marten’s and was on sale for a fraction of the price, plus the salesdude threw in a free patent leather cleaner because I think he could tell that I was feeling anxious about the quality, haha. The shoes are from Adidas’ cloudfoam line and I also bought them for… super cheap lol they’re so cute and comfy and that’s what’s important!!!

its always a good time lol .pngjournal.png

I also retired my old Hobonichi. Bring on the good stuff, 2017!

DAY 19, JAN 3


We had dimsum with my grandaunt and granduncle!  It was all very tasty but I… accidentally got a durian pastry… cries


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


For the most part, this day was dedicated to last minute shopping and pasalubong! We FINALLY passed by the Disney store when I saw these two lil guys. I really wanted Scrump but she cost a little more than I could have afforded since I. Already decided on getting Stitch. LOOK AT HIS WIDDLE ANGRY FACE ):


I had my fave potatoes again! This time I got mashed potatoes with pulled pork, hella vegetables, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese sauce. MMmmmm


And a banana split Häagen-Dazs sundae, because I couldn’t resist! The purple marks on my hand are from a Sephora visit, not because I accidentally bruised myself. (My dad genuinely thought that I accidentally bruised myself…)

DAY 20, JAN 4

My least favorite part of any trip ever!



So naturally we put it off by going to Costco. Their frozen yogurt is godsend. Better than the sundae I had and only at a sixth of the price. 10/10 would come back to eat and also marry.


MJ came over and napped on my grandma’s couch we baked some cookies together with my baby niece! America is convenient and many things come pre-mixed, like cookie dough. Thank you for your help, Toll House.

DAY 21, JAN 5

cheapsest flight.png

After a nightlong battle with packing, we were finally ready to leave for the PH. I gave up on wearing leggings and went out with my legs bare like a true champ even though it was like, -3°C. I’m not a quitter, guys.


We got to visit the Sanrio store at the Taipei airport on our way back to Manila! As I thought everything was CUTE and they were selling Sanrio instax film for really cheap so I went ahead and bought four lol. They also sold Sanrio digital watches but money is used in exchange for goods and services and at that point I had close to none of it. It’s okay though. Maybe someday lol.

And that’s a wrap! This wasn’t my first visit to NY (it’s the seventh…) but there’s still so much to see each time I go. Next time I hope I get to visit the Met, stroll through central park, EAT SOME MORE SHAKE SHACK!!!! and maybe watch more musicals. More importantly I hope I get to go to Disney LOLOLOLOL

Like I said earlier I’m finally in Korea! After jumping through so many (many many many) hoops I’m finally here and I’m going to watch the Quad Four Continents Figure skating championship tomorrow! It’s going to be a bloodbath, and I’m going to do everything I can to enjoy it! 😀


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