《NYC 2016-17》✦WEEK 2✦


I want to get as much of these posts out as I can before I leave for Korea so that I have less backlog lol. This is a lot shorter than the previous post because this was during Christmas, and you know how Christmas can be! Busy!

DAY 8, DEC 23

rajio-citi lobby radiooo im-gonna-swing-lol indoors staaaarlight

We went to watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular (is that what it’s called, lol) on the 23rd! The show itself was very, uh, White, but they had CAMELS!!!! And that was pretty lit. Radio City is GORGEOUS btw, I wish I got to take more photos of the music hall, but there were just so many people!


They sold popcorn for the show! The buckets were really cute but it was on the salty side so I didn’t get to finish it… I felt so bad because it was so expensive. ;;;

tree-time zzzz

We also got to see the giant tree by the Rockefeller Center while waiting for the show to start!

DAY 9, DEC 24


We didn’t go anywhere on Christmas Eve, of course, aside from a family gathering! My aunt’s husband is Jewish so we celebrated the first day of Hanukkah too, which was really interesting.


Apparently, every year someone dresses up as Santa Claus to give presents to my little cousins. (This year, they included my sister and I, despite both of us technically being adults… HAHA) They know that this Santa’s an uncle, but they believe that REAL Santa comes at midnight. So cute. 😥

DAY 10, DEC 25


Naturally, we spent actual Christmas day at home! My grandmother ordered a lechon that was hardcore delicious, with homemade liver sauce and all. (Y’all I normally can’t stand eating pork and I don’t usually eat lechon, so you know I’m not playin.)


We got Telestrations from a white elephant exchange during Christmas Eve at my aunt’s, so we gave it a shot! It was really funny. It’s 10000x funnier if someone doesn’t know how to draw LOL.

Oh! And I kind of bruised my tailbone in the afternoon, so I couldn’t really move much. TBH until now I can still feel it aching a bit and it’s been more than a month already, but I can manage for the most part;;;

DAY 11, DEC 26


We didn’t get to do proper Christmas shopping for my tiny cousins because we were really busy doing stuff and wallowing in sadness over Deceased Sibling, but on the 26th we finally got to set some time aside to buy them gifts. The mall was pretty wild, it was filled with people taking things in for returns and stuff. (It has literally only been one day since Christmas passed, oh my dog.)


Baked potatoes with vegetarian chili, cheddar cheese, and sour cream!! Mmm. Plus extra (UNLIMITED!!!) vegetables!

overworld-theme-p2 gera-gera-po

My sister and I got ourselves some stuff too! She got a copy of Yo-kai Watch 2 (she showed me the screencap above and was like “Look ate, it’s you!” Rude.) and I got a 3DS pouch! My 3DS has been through a Lot—I can’t put it in sleep mode because it’ll switch off by itself, the L-button is kind of busted, the circle pad is missing (too much Smash Bros. #lol), and the styluses are gone. Thankfully this pouch is super cute (I TOLD Y’ALL I LOVED ZELDA A LOT LOL) and came with two styluses!

teppann foodo

Afterwards, we had teppan somewhere down in NJ! They had good shrimp but that was probably one of the worst steaks I’ve eaten within the past few years;; Thankfully recently my dad took us out to Toki for his birthday last weekend and we had good, A5 wagyu teppan. EXPENSIVE BEEF IS MY LIFE.

DAY 12, DEC 27

The most important day of our stay.

A rest day.

My parents did go out shopping for souvenirs and stuff, but I elected to stay home because of my bruised tailbone. ;;; Boo!

DAY 13, DEC 28


We went to ✨Shake Shack✨!

marry me shake-shack

So like, who cares if it’s winter, y’know? I still got a milkshake. It was a good milkshake and a good burger. What’s really cute is that Shake Shack has a menu for dogs. DOGS, GUYS. My dogs were obviously in the Philippines at that time but if we lived near a Shake Shack the pups and I would probably be there all the time. Again, I’m not a pork person, but the bacon cheeseburger and bacon cheese fries were just so, so good. The strawberry shake was nice and thick and they had an actual vegetarian option on the menu. 10/10 would marry.

yuriwhoizzat u yurio

We had time to kill before our movie so we went to Wal-mart and Target. My sister and I started impromptu fencing at Wal-mart and ended up getting scolded by someone. I never thought I’d hear someone tell me “NO SWORD-FIGHTING IN THE AISLES” but there’s a first time for everything!


We watched Sing! with tiny niece and it was really cute! I really like Jennifer Hudson’s version of Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight, and my sister and I still actually listen to it a lot. It’s the opening number to the movie and is rightfully so. It blows you away. *____*

DAY 14, DEC 29


We slept over at our tiny niece’s house and we got to look at my cousin’s wedding albums! We found an instax photo of my cousins and brother and I from their wedding looking really funny. It feels really nostalgic. A bunch of us low-key cried while looking through everything HAHAHAHA


We spent most of the day resting (again) and playing with my niece, but we had dinner at Big Ed’s BBQ. They have unlimited ribs and I… couldn’t even finish my first plate LOL I’m such a waste of money!! ;; They had potato skins that were suuuuper tasty, and I like the brisket enough and the ribs were really yummy, though next time we visit I’ll probably be eating off the children’s menu. (Thankfully the kid’s menu still has apple fritters, hehe)

The next installment is going to be a lot longer–it’s going to include my brief trip to the MoMA (though if it gets really lengthy, that might get its very own post <o>___<o>) I didn’t get to visit the Met (boohoo!!) but I just heard that they’ve released a bunch of their photos to public domain and I’m so happy. *___*

Less than a week to go until 4CC and I’m hardly prepared! Hopefully I get the next (and last) set of NY posts done by then without feeling hella stressed LOL


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