《NYC 2016-17》✦Makeup Purchases + Gifts✦

Prior to my trip, “I won’t buy makeup until I get to NY” was my mantra. I had a list of things I would purchase while on vacation (I am The Most lmao) to avoid extra expenses.

BUT I failed lmao. I caved and bought one of Happy Skin’s lipsticks (Rapunzel from their Disney collection!) and on the plane my mom got me something while I was taking a long nap. HUHU. I also got… some extra stuff…

I’m a little out of control.


Crystal Lucent Face Powder in 08 romantic


I actually planned on buying Physicians Formula’s Mineral Wear®Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powder because my skin tone is a little wild in terms of unevenness. Plus I read some good things about the powder and the price seems reasonable, so I thought, why not!

… But before I could buy it my mom got the Jill Stuart powder on the plane because she thought the case was super pretty. And it is!

case compact

Unlike the Physicians Formula powder, this isn’t actually for color correction lol. It looks similar, but the point of having so many colors is to make you look like you’re ✨glowing✨ inside! It doesn’t have talc and it comes with SPF20/PA++ too. It’s scented, and while I normally avoid scented face stuff, this smells very mild and hasn’t aggravated my face’s condition.


It comes with a softsoftsoft brush that I really like and the powder is sososo soft. What I do is that puff it all over my face with the brush after primer, and then again when I’m done with my base makeup. It keeps it in place without making you use a lot of it.

I’ve been using Muji’s face powder until recently, but I’ve found it pretty messy to use because of the powder puff. I’ll probably try comparing them in the future though, heehee.



The only actual other thing I planned on buying! I talked about that here. I haven’t actually used it since I got home since I know I won’t be getting my paws on it again any time soon. :’) [take_good_care_of_my_baby.mp3]

I’ve already talked about this here! 🙂

L.A. Colors



So like. I’m highkey an awful nail biter. So while I love nail polish a lot, I don’t get to use it as often as I’d like… Hopefully I get to use these often though! (As long as they don’t get in the way of lab work haha.) This was a gift that came at the right time–I’ve emptied my old polish drawer because a bunch of them have dried out.

Save for the two colors leaning towards royal blue, these are all colors that I really like! The second layer of polishes in particular is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to using them. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use the nail art design things this came with, but maybe when my nails grow longer… If my nails grow longer lol


Day & Night Makeup Collection

boxThis is a joint gift for my sister and I! I’ve heard it’s TJ Maxx’s in-store brand, but I can’t confirm because I’ve never stepped into one of their stores before.


So… this set is huge lol. It comes with eyeshadows, faec powders, brow powders, blushes, eyeliner pencils, concealers, and lip pencils. I really like the eyeshadow colors that they have—they’re mostly warm, goldish colors. #aestheticd lmao

daynnight concealer

They’re a little too… soft, though? Like the shimmer eyeshadows are too buttery. The mattes are pretty patchy too, but my sister says we can work with these HAHA

I’m super scared of the concealers! The green one was really, really sticky for some reason, so it felt like paint. Scary. I’ll try them out with foundation another time.

The lip pencils are super duper sheer. I like the colors though! They’re not drying either, but it takes a few swipes for it to show up on your mouth. My sister says the eyeliner is pretty solid, but I have the most finicky eyelids ever, and I have yet to find my one true eyeliner love.


Try It Kit

Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Filter
Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Disco Rose
Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Raven
Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black

smashbox-box-lolThis was another gift! We have Smashbox in the PH but it is Way Out Of My Budget lol. So this is my first time trying any of their stuff!


I love trial-sized products, especially for stuff I won’t be using often (i.e. mascara, eyeshadow) so this is perfect for me! I’ve liked what I’ve tried from this so far (the eyeshadows and the lip gloss), but I’ll try pitting the primer against my current primer, which is Benefit’s Porefessional.


Long-Wear Eye Set

Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Brown Metal
Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink
Smokey Eye Mascara in Black
Dual Ended Long Wear Cream Shadow/Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush

bobbi-box contents

I’ve been using 3CE’s gel liner, but it’s recently begun transferring to my upper lid (and lower lid on really bad days), even with primer and powder. I’ve been thinking about replacing it, and while I’ve been eyeing Bobbi Brown’s gel liner for a long time, the price always stops me from buying it. This set has a value of 110 USD, and it cost like a fraction of that price. With full-sized products. OH SNAP!!!!


I’m a little in love with the cream shadow. It’s so smooth without smudging all over the place. I’ve yet to try the eyeliner but I’m crossing my fingers, limbs, and toes that it works well with me. (#eyelinersearch2017)

Urban Decay

VICE Lipstick (Metallized) in Wrath

lipstick-caseGOD I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET SHAME BUT I SUCK AND GRABBED THE WRONG TUBE LMFAOOoooooo thankfully this was the other shade I was debating on getting and it’s honestly worth it, I think. I’ll find my perfect sheer berry lip another day 😥

lipstickIt’s a metallic red! I’m sure I’ve said this before, but reds usually make me look like I’ve accidentally found mother’s makeup bag. But this is just gorgeous and it’s a red that I could wear every day. It’s so pretty, AND i LOVE IT *___*



Disney Tsum Tsum Best Flavor Forever


It’s just so cute, guys.

I’m really excited to give all of these a try, but I’m still working hard on my skin condition! Maybe–just maybe–when things settle down, I’ll do a full review for some of these! I’m beginning to work on my posts about the actual trip, so I’ll see y’all when those are finished lolllllll


2 thoughts on “《NYC 2016-17》✦Makeup Purchases + Gifts✦

  1. gusto ko din ng tsumtsum kuchibiru

    bakit andami mong makeup

    i typed “oo” on my address bar and ur blog came up so here i am

    why does green concealer exist


    • cute ng tsumtsum kuchiburu pero sobrang laki medj hassle
      and welcome back sachey
      green exists because im the grinch and i need a concealer to match my skin tone. and hide all the red spots


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