《MAKEUP》✦Glossier Phase 2✦

Hi, happy new year! I’m not a very sentimental person and my goals for the year are the same as last year’s–pretty much the bare minimum requirement for survival (a.k.a. stay alive, although good grades would also be gr8910), so we’re not getting a post about that. HAHA

Regardless, there’s always some room for good and happy feelings So I’m going to talk about something I’ve been wanting for a veryveryveryveryvery long time–Glossier’s Phase 2 Set! 😀

I stumbled upon the brand a veryveryveryveryvery long time ago (just around the time of their release! No makeup that time just skincare!), but from back then and waaaay up to this post, they still only ship within the United States. Bummer! The last time I was in the US was in 2011, before their first products were even released, so naturally I couldn’t get my hands on these +___+

(My mantra whenever I looked through their website was “It’s only some pink and a bunch of italicized futura, you don’t need italicized futura, you just like their aesthetic, you don’t need their stuff…” Life is tough.)

BUT I’M BACK FOR THE WINTER and I’ve been pining so long so I decided to treat myself. B’^)


Glossier’s emphasis is on good skin (they were initially a skincare thing, after all), but as you might remember from one of my previous posts… I have really bad skin. HAHAHA so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re making base makeup purchases!✨Good skin is the best makeup base tbh✨ but we all know that it’s kind of difficult to achieve sometimes lol. Not all skin is made equal. :’))))))

box-box custom-box

This thing comes in a custom FedEx box! I almost want to bring it home but that’s utterly impractical, so it’s staying in the US.


I was surprised to see things other than my package (lol) inside the box! A totally welcome surprise though, because they were all things I’m interested in!


It came with a sample of their Priming Moisturizer ($25 for full size) to endorse their skincare line, but I’ve been lessening the face stuff recently because of my poor skin condition, so I’ve yet to try this! I’ll save it for a special occasion or something.


My package came with stickers (I think they’re vinyl, but I’m not sure!) which is REALLY DANG GREAT BECAUSE I LOVE STICKERS!!!!! They’re all soooo cute too, I was totally charmed the when I saw them. It was love at first sight lol. The winter sticker is going on my laptop, while the rest will be for my journal!


And while I’m not a big fan of posters (especially ones with faces on them, they’ve always creeped me out), as soon I’ve settled back down in Manila, I’ll probably stick this to one of my walls. The other side has actual faces, but the hands-side is just. Gorgeous. I can’t get a full picture of it because my arms aren’t long enough LOL



The box comes with a sleeve in their trademark pink with the Glossier G printed on it. It has a small gift label that you can write on in case you’re giving the package as a gift. Or you know. In case you wanna TREAT YO SELF.


The actual box is really sturdy and comes with a magnetic flap to keep everything sealed in. The Glossier G is embossed onto the top and it just looks really classy overall!


Maybe I’m just projecting but I felt like the model on the box’s lid looked like she was using all the products I ordered LOL


The actual stuff I got came in a pink bubble-wrap self-sealing bag (that’s a mouthful) to make sure everything was safe! I love it a lot and will be reusing it. It’s so cute!


Phase 2 contains the Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, and Generation G lipstick. Their boxes were all the trademark pink with the brand’s name embossed in white, and had the ingredients info and instructions for use as well. The concealer came in a glass jar, while the brow mascara and lipstick came in plastic tubes.


I got the Stretch Concealer in Medium and when I opened the jar my aunt was startled because she thought it was gonna be really dark on me! You can see it really clearly when I swipe it across my wrist, but my face is a lot darker than my wrist, so it’s perfect for my face lol. Also I kind of obviously took the pictures for this post on two different days, so I decided to show how it looked like in mostly natural light (on the left) and in the glow of the yellowish kitchen light (on the right) LOL

I’m not like, in love with it. Again, the thing with Glossier’s base makeup is that you’re probably better off using them when you have good (or at least like, okay) skin, which I don’t. 😥 I did use it for my undereye area and it did a good job covering that up, but for reference I don’t have dark circles or eyebags or anything because I’m always asleep. It did kind of hide the veins on my wrist when I swatched, and it really does blend out like a dream. A little goes a long way!


Boy Brow (lmao @ its name honestly) is really great for me—though if your brows are really, really sparse, this probably won’t work as well for you. (The keyword is probably–if you really want it, follow your heart HAHA) I got it in black, and while usually getting a brow product that matches my hair color ends up making my brows look too dark, this worked perfectly! Made them look fuller and fluffier without looking like Too Much. It also stays on forever; more than 6 hours of playing with small children later and my eyebrows were still as ✨fresh✨ as they were when I left the house LOL.

lip errythang

Generation G is probably my favourite product from the set! I’m not a huge fan of matte-finish lipsticks (my mouth is dry like the Sahara) but this just looked so nice! It glides on smoothly and is sheer (I love! Sheer! Lip stuff!) so it’s kinda like a solid tint or something. It’s really lovely. You can keep on swiping to build color–the photo above is from when I swiped it twice.

I was debating between getting Cake, Jam, and Crush, but I ended up getting Crush because it seemed like the safest color to get. It really was. I do want to buy the other two in the future though, especially Jam, because I don’t have a berry-colored lipstick yet! (I was supposed to get one today but accidentally bought another shade instead, whomp whomp, but I’ll tell that story another time.)

photo-on-25-12-2016-at-6-27-amhashtag nofilter hashtag badlighting hashtag wowmyskinisstillawful

All in all I’m really super duper totally happy and content with this purchase and am really sad that they do not ship internationally. (The package got to my house a day earlier than I thought it would, btw!) If they start shipping internationally I’ll probably give away a gift card, just because I want to share the joy huhu.

They do have a referral system so I got my order for 20% off because of a friend! So if you’re planning to buy something from them soon, if you use my referral link, you get 20% off your order and I get $10! Or if you don’t want to use it then don’t. Don’t let me tell you how to do you, dude.

To be honest, this was the only makeup purchase I was planning on making during my 3-week trip, but… that… is not how things played out. I’ll make a post about the unplanned haul sometime soon, but in the meantime it’s time to try and pack 💦


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