《NYC 2016-17》✦What’s in Your Bag?✦

a.k.a. banan’s winter kit, yayay!!

I really, really didn’t want to end the year with a blog post about my face (EW!!), so here I am! Hello from NY! It has been Pretty Cold as of late (though for the past few days we’ve had some pleasant weather), so I’ve had to wear more layers. Yikes. My closet is very much suited for the tropics.

We’ve been out nearly every day we’ve been here (I am so tired HAHA and this is completely unrelated but I miss my dog so much) so it’s important that I have all the stuff I need in my bag!


For the past few months, my go-to bag has been this banana tote that I bought from Dolly Kaye at the Kawaii PH Market last April! I was a little worried about the zipper at first, but it’s super sturdy. It also holds more stuff than I initially thought it could!


I keep my ~cosmetics (I mean this is in the loosest way possible lol) in a small pouch from Tesoro’s! One of my hand creams is way too large for my pouch, so I have to keep it separate from the other stuff.


I used to use Nature Republic’s green tea hand cream and Etude House’s cotton hhand cream, but I ran out of both of them, and the latter (WHICH IS MY BIG FAVE!!) only comes in a set! Which always seems to be sold out as of late. 😥

My parents (my dad in particular!) are big fans of L’Occitane, so I’ve been looking forward to trying out their hand creams for a while now! It’s a lot more, uh, scented than I thought it would be. I thought it would be unscented because of the description–I don’t know why I thought 20% shea butter would mean unscented lololololololololol

I’m also a big fan of All Things Cath Kidston, so when I found out they sold giant hand creams, I felt inclined to buy one! The description of the scent sounds like a lot (ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange flower, vanilla, heliotrope–that is a Lot my dude) but it’s surprisingly mild and refreshing! A perfect meadow posy. I use this fairly often, and its moisturizing powers are fairly strong (haha).


I keep two lipbalms and two lipsticks in my arsenal. Carmex has been my best friend for cold weather since I went to London back in 2012! It has salicylic acid so it can make your lips, uh, peel, and while that’s gross and all it’s pretty satisfying when you wake up in the morning after putting it on before you sleep. It’s for really heavy duty lip moisturizing. And uh, exfoliating, I guess.

Bam Balm is a more recent discovery, and my sister and I are a little in love with it. It moisturizes without making your lips tingle or sticky! Plus it tastes delicious, lol. It claims to be a plumper and a scrub, but I can’t really say if it does those well? Its properties as a balm is more than enough for me to love it! Moreover when I ordered from them recently, they had some COD-related problems, but they responded to my email and we got the transaction finished promptly. HUHU so convenient.

The Face Shop’s Ink Gel Stick in Indian Rose is the best red I own, probably. It’s the only red lip I’ve had that didn’t make me look like I accidentally crawled into mother’s makeup bag. It glides on super smooth and is a beautiful, deep red. It’s one of my favourites and it looks really nice when used in a gradient!

Happy Skin’s Rapunzel is my current MLBB (lmao I feel so funny saying this for some reason)! It’s only very slightly pinker than my actual lip tone, and when I put it on the color is barely noticeable! I love it a lot, and could use this everyday.


I also have a hand sanitizer spray from Messy Bessy in my kit (it’s peppermint-scented and soooo difficult to find), and an emergency medicine stash! It has my daily vitamins and medicines, just in case I need to stay somewhere overnight or something.


Inside my Tesoro’s pouch… is another Tesoro’s pouch LOL. I use it to store all my, um, ~jewelry or something. There are some keepsakes I’d prefer to have on my person, and they’re delicate, so I keep them in this when I can.


I don’t wear my Cardcaptor Sakura necklace very often, but I keep it in here just in case there’s a magical girl emergency!!11!!! The only actual keepsake in here is that capsule, which holds some of my older brother’s ashes. The chain broke sometime back because I would always wear it, but I’ve yet to have it replaced.

I like studded earrings a lot! They’re really simple but I like how clean they look. So I have a pair of pear earrings, a pair of star earrings (that you can’t see from this angle), and some OTT rose earrings for special occasions. lol


Because it’s winter, I always have some gloves on hand! These are the Heattech kind from Uniqlo that you can use with touch screen phones. Naturally I’d still prefer to take them off when I use my phone—taking pictures with them on results in tooooo many burst shots.

I wanted to get a small wallet to use for this trip because mixing currencies is a lot of trouble, but I didn’t get the chance to buy one! ): So I’m using my good old Cath Kidston (told you so) wallet, which still has my Pasmo (because it’s cute… lol), and a Kenma charm which I got from a convention from a friend’s table!


I’m pretty notorious for not charging my phone at home (I’m a little paranoid about overcharging, okay), so I carry around my trusty powerbank at nearly all times! The tiny thing can fully charge my phone at least four or five times before it needs another boost.

I used to be an advocate of headphones, but ever since I’ve borrowed a pair of my dad’s in-ear headphones, I’ve fallen in love. I’m using a pair of bluetooth earphones from Motorola at the moment, and they’ve been really good, especially for blocking out sound. (Very helpful during CAD lab, when people try to ask you for Every Little Thing instead of trying to do things themselves.

Yes, I’m a little salty.)


My 3DS is kind of beyond busted (I can’t close the top screen without the system completely shutting down, plus I’ve lost my stylus lol), but I still use it a lot and love it with all of my heart. I bought a pouch for it recently, and it came with styluses and a screen cleaner! Naturally, it’s Zelda-themed.

(My blog’s currently named “It’s dangerous to go alone!” for a reason!!!!)


Because I’m a ~tourist, I naturally bring my camera around wherever I go! I use my lightweight Hello Kitty Golden Half (the print’s faded lol), but I still need to get my hands on a solid flash. I want some better film too but unprocessed film isn’t very airport-xray-friendly. ):


This isn’t always in my bag during our stay! However, we’re in NY for a bunch of family-related stuff too, so whenever I meet up with my relatives I make sure to bring my Instax (Cath Kidston again. I have a small problem) and an extra pack of film with me. I have a tiny niece and a bunch of tiny cousins around so I want as many photos of them as possible huhu.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it! That’s a lot more stuff than I thought I had. This year I’ve discovered that it’s a lot easier to keep track of my belongings when I keep them in separate pouches inside my bags, so I feel a lot more organized!

I have around a week (maybe even a little less?) of my trip left, and I have every intention of having as much fun as possible! Like I said, I’ve been doing a bunch, so I’m looking forward to posting about the things I’ve been doing soon! 😀


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