《SKINCARE》✦Miacare Spot Care Patch✦

WARNING: Gross pictures of my face. LOL like totally yuckadiri

It’s been approximately one month since I last updated. Good going, @/self.

Anyway, ya girl’s been bombarded with a ton of things lately (including but not limited to: school, Christmas preparations) so I’ve been pretty busy! Filed under pretty busy is the fact that over the past 3 months or so I’ve only been averaging around 2-3 hours of sleep a night (don’t be me, kids), and so my skin has been suffering.

NEGL, my skin was pretty bad in my early teens (wat is face wash??? wat is toner???? 2 sleepy 4 that), but upon discovering the ~skincare side of the internet back in 2014, I became a little obsessed.

Okay, maybe more than a little. I would carefully plot out my skincare routines in my planner (like, what days to use face masks, packs, exfoliants, etc), drink green tea at least twice a week (and use the remaining leaves on my face HAHA), sleeping properly, SLEEPING WITH A FRESH TOWEL ON MY PILLOW LMAO, drinking lots of water, eating ~healthy food~ lmao, getting up in the morning to run, etc., etc. That’s the short of version of how hard I worked in 2014, and as a reward my face was extremely clean :’) The only makeup I really used at the time were (very minimal) concealer, an eyebrow pencil, the occasional eyeliner, and some sheer lipstick.

img_0764Save for the iPhone’s chrome filter, this is completely unedited lolol

Keeping up that kind of routine was really easy at the time because I was on sabbatical! But now I’m going to school properly and doing my schoolwork properly (for the most part, at least), and since my load is kind of wild, I haven’t been properly taking care of myself. My face. Myself. ):


fdsffdfdfdsdafs in the words of my ancestors: ANYARE?? Honestly this is the worst my skin has ever been and it’s been such a nightmare because I don’t know what to do LOL. Even the products that I was using during the prime of my skin’s life don’t seem to work. ):

My skin started going downhill after using Bioré’s Perfect UV Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++ last year, plus commute pollution. ): I tried using The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil but I didn’t like the smell and it seemed like it just aggravated the situation )))))))))))))))))): anuna. Plus I’m a serial Face Toucher™️ so when tiny things appear on my face it’s just. So. Hard. Not to touch.

(Don’t be me, obviously.)

For that last problem, I found a remedy in the form of CosRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch! They’re hydrocolloid bandages that suck up gunk and stuff without ruining your face. The problem with those though is that you can only get them online, and even then they’re not always in stock huhu.

But, as I was browsing Watsons this one time, I found an alternative!


While I can’t exactly remember how much these cost, I remember that each box cost a minimum of 215PHP. The day and night mix was more expensive than the patches for nighttime.


For reasons I will explain later on, I only used the nighttime patches for this post. The first thing I thought when I saw the patches was “What is that yellow thing in the middle? How am I gonna tell if gunk’s coming out if there’s already a yellow thing in the middle?”, but upon closer inspection it’s just purely hydrocolloid bandage. The package doesn’t joke when it says that it’s ultra thin, it really is. The yellow part is the thickest part of the patch. I also really liked how the patches came on perforated plastic, which made it easier to apply them.


I tested them out on these two suckers. It’s not obvious in the photo (I think), but they had already come to a head, which is the best time to apply patches to them.


So I applied the nighttime patches over them and… where’d they go LOL I put two patches but even in this photo I can only see the faint outline of ONE patch! Take note that this is the nighttime patch–they say that the daytime patch does an even better job at hiding pimples! Because of this I felt like I didn’t need to try the daytime patches.

So I left it on overnight. The instructions say that you change/take off the patch when there’s white gunk in the middle or when it’s been twelve hours since you put it on. Whichever comes first.

img_5042a sad, sweaty child

Twelve hours (and a nice, 20 minute run LOL) later, I went to check up on the patches! There wasn’t any white gunk in the middle (as you can see above) but they felt like suction cups attached to my face.

They were pretty hard to take off! They really stuck and their thinness did not help when it was time to take it off. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about them falling off lol

So I finally took them off, aaaaand…


Still there, still red. ): Boo! You could argue that they were only the first patches I used but the pimples I put them on were already at a head, and they still absorbed zero gunk. ): Another note–night patches are supposed to be more powerful absorbers than their daytime counterpart, so I don’t think the day patches will be any more effective. ): Booooooooo!

In summary? I’d keep the CosRX patches around for some real, hardcore acne/pimple/whatever destruction. I’ll keep the Miacare patches for bad days when a giant monster manifests on my face and I need to hide it, because it does a very good job at that without aggravating your skin.

Miacare’s Spot Care Patch is more expensive than the CosRX patches by at least 40 PHP. Miacare only has 12 patches per pack why CosRX has 24. Moreover, BeautyMNL shipping is around 50PHP if you live in Metro Manila, so they end up costing around the same… if you only buy one pack of CosRX patches, that is. I have around four or five packs (I don’t have a problem, I swear) packs of the CosRX lying in my house, so if you buy a lot of them at a time, it’s definitely cheaper. lol

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! I’m still searching for my skin’s savior, but in the meantime, I’ll probably try to look for a hydrocolloid bandage big enough to cover my entire face! /)o(\


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