《PERSONAL・MAKEUP》✦Coop Goes for a Walk! + Happy Skin’s Enchanted Rose Blush in Peach✦

A non-animu post for the first time in a long time? Who am I?

Life has been busy, busy, busy! I barely see anyone any more (but that’s also partially because I’m so non-social, lol) and I rarely leave the house except to run errands and go to school (which is highkey taking over my life). Thankfully, the other week I finally got to take my lil pupper Cooper for a walk, and he had a lot of fun!


We had to take his shirt off after some time because it got realllllly hot that day but otherwise he really had a lot of fun lounging around in the grass and saying hi to small babies. Cute. Bonifacio High Street is really dog-friendly, so we didn’t have many problems during his walk!

I didn’t get to take a photo, but he kind of… fell in love with an Alaskan Malamute while we were there. They sniffed each other and the dog (like, twice his size at least!) lay down and let Coop snuggle 8___8 Dogs are so pure. We don’t deserve dogs. 8_______8

Oh! And Coop really liked this one cat (his tail wagged at 1000000 mph) but it hissed at him and broke his heart. It’s okay, Coop. I still love you.


The parentals and I had dinner at The Pound by Todd English, which is pretty surprising since I can’t stand burgers! (Ground meat is a little gross to me for some unexplainable reason.) So naturally, I shared chicken sliders with my mom lolol


I’m a sucker for fried chicken and slaw and their bread was also so sooo good. It was a brioche bun, I think? Brioche is always good. The pound in their name means the pound symbol, which is all over their paper and on the burger bun itself!

We also got a goat cheese salad (the goat cheese was… there wasn’t much of it so it wasn’t as memorable as the chicken sliders lol), and some poutine! My dream is to one day get poutine in Montreal but seeing as that’s not happening any time soon, this is more than enough. (Look at that cheese!) Oh! And I had ginger ale, and it was very ginger-y, unlike how some commercial ginger ales can tend to taste a little like lemon-lime soda. Mmm.

The staff at The Pound were also super nice! We didn’t ask for it but they gave us a bowl of water for Cooper, and even brought out a fan (since we had to eat outside because dog) without us needing to ask for it. I’d go there again if only because the people are so nice, but the food is also really tasty (and not as expensive as I thought it would be)!

While walking Coop we saw an interesting ice cream store called Freezer Burn! I’d never heard of it before but the store was just sooo pretty (plus, I love dessert!) that we had to take a look!


I didn’t get to take a photo of it, but their sign said “Sorry, we’re open”.

Hang this sign above my tombstone.

Also, #SMAP.


They sell ice cream with interesting (ketchup and mayo…) flavors, but one of the things that really sets them apart is that you can order composed desserts, or in simpler terms, desserts with snacks on the side! I was feeling really full so I didn’t get any of the composed desserts, but I’m definitely going to try Junkie sometime. (We got some of their Junk Food ice cream to take home in a pint and it was deeeeelicious.)


Since it was around Halloween when we went, they were selling Halloween mystery ice cream! Normally you can ask for a taste of the flavor, but the Halloween special is ~so mysterious that you can’t so you’re pretty much throwing caution to the wind! So naturally, I ordered it and prayed that it wasn’t ketchup and mayo flavor HAHAHAHA


That’s a severed finger on top, but I didn’t get to take a good photo of it because I wanted to eat it straight away HAHAHA and it was really good! Kind of sweet for my tastes but I’d come back for it. Too bad it was only available until November 2! :’)

As to what flavor it was… well, that’s blood, guts, and the hopes and dreams of humanity a secret.


Aaaand today, I went to one of Happy Skin’s stores for the first time!

nyalol yaoi hands

My mom and I were planning on ordering some of their Disney Princess collaboration stuff online (… yes I know, another collaboration item…) but we’re the types who are a liiiiitle hesitant to get things without trying them out! I’m pretty fair-skinned so I don’t have much trouble, but I don’t know what undertones are, so sometimes lipsticks and blushes end up looking A Lot Different on my face than what I expect them to look like! Yikes.



To be honest, I wanted the Belle lipstick, but I promised I wouldn’t buy much makeup until December, when I’m planning to buy myself something big for Christmas (TREAT YO SELF). I also owned a total of three? Or four? Happy Skin lipsticks prior today’s visit, but I got a liquid lip from them for free because we ended up getting more than we planned. Sweats gently.

(I don’t use my first lipstick from them too much any more because it washes out my face, but their lip in Hold My Hand is pretty much my go-to when I feel like putting on lipstick!)


Their packaging is Disney princess-themed because of the collaboration and it’s adorable. (Spot Flounder!) To be honest, the smaller bag is more my type since it’s blue, but my mom, sister, and I got a bunch of stuff each so we needed to use the big one lol


I got the ZZ cream and the ZZ concealer because my skin’s state is currently at an All Time Low and I honestly do not know what to do with it. (Maybe sacrifice my firstborn?) The Power Pout was a freebie and I got it in Royal Treatment, and it’s a lovely lilac-y pink. But what I really went to the store for was their Enchanted Rose Luminous Mesh Blush (wow, that’s a mouthful) in Peach!


“Because every girl knows deep inside, she is a princess, too!”



The case is a hard, matte plastic, and the only thing that distinguishes the two colors it comes in is a sticker at the bottom of the pact. It fits right in the palm of my yaoi hand, and comes with a mirror and its own puff! The lid separating the puff from the blush also snaps into place so that there’s no spillage or mess.


The puff’s ribbon has Happy Skin x Disney on it, and instead of the usual dark blue, the bottom part is pink! So cute. The blush itself is sealed with the instructions for use. When I opened it the blush hadn’t completely seeped through into the mesh, so I thought that if I pressed into it, it would soak product like a sponge and bounce back, but as you can see, that wasn’t the case lolol. That’s eight grams of product sealed in mesh, not a sponge!!!! @ self please lang


Pinks usually look much, much better on me than peaches do, but surprisingly, the peach version of this blush suits me more than the pink version! It goes on pretty sheer (I’ve circled the part where I smudged it to help point it out lol) but it says that it’s buildable and has a solid wear time! I can’t vouch for that because my face isn’t ready to use it yet (yikes yikes yikes) but I’m hoping it lives up to the claim. All in all in peach it has a lovely color and a lovely texture but is pretty pricey at 899 PHP per pact! (I was planning on getting Etude House’s Water Color Blusher some time back, which might be similar!  Pero papanindigan ko yung pagiging Disney princess ko, guys.)

Aaand that’s a wrap! Updates are pretty sporadic at the moment since I haven’t been doing anything very interesting recently, but the school term is So Close To Ending! See you soon!


2 thoughts on “《PERSONAL・MAKEUP》✦Coop Goes for a Walk! + Happy Skin’s Enchanted Rose Blush in Peach✦

    • HUHU YES ♡ The Aurora one is suuuper lovely! I thought they sold the lipsticks in sets but apparently you can get them individually but I own so many lipsticks already lol… and thank you HUHU ♡♡♡


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