《GAME》✦NAMELESS ~The One Thing You Must Recall~✦


When my last school term ended I basically did NOTHING except bum around and try to make up for lost sleep! (Don’t be me, I can fall asleep at 9:30 and still manage to wake up in the afternoon HAHA) I went out a couple of times too (I went to Cebu, but that’s a story for another time) but the bulk of my attention has recently been on Cheritz’s Nameless.


I’ve been wanting to play Mystic Messenger long before it was released in English, and a loooong time before that I wanted to play Dandelion! Back in the day (lmao) getting a copy of Dandelion wasn’t so easy because of restricted payment methods, but Steam has it now, along with Nameless! Thus I bought my very first Steam Wallet lolol

Again, I wanted initially wanted Dandelion and Nameless really wasn’t on my radar, but upon more investigation I figured that Nameless would be better for me (for now) because I’m not good with otome games that require stat maintenance.

… I’m actually not good with otome games LOL. I played the first TokiMeki game and my boyfriend ended up running off with my in-game best friend, and when I played Hatoful Boyfriend the pigeon I dated ended up being, um, dead.

(I’m still going to buy HatoKare off steam eventually, of course.)

Anyway, spoilers up ahead, but I’ll try to keep them to a bare minimum!

The game begins by starting a New Game (ok @ self duh), where you have to input your name and your first doll’s name. There’s enough space for 10 characters per name. (I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t name my character Kanye West.)

You might be wondering what they mean by first doll. We~ll you can probably just name it anything, but trust me, you’ll want to name it something nice.

Not like, um, this.


The game has five routes with two secret endings! The basic premise of Nameless is that you’re a BJD (ball-jointed doll) collector who lives alone after the recent passing of your grandfather. Your parents are often away on work, so your only friends are your dolls. Er, sort of. They turn into humans and through otome-game-plot-solving-convenience, they go to your school! Yay! (And they’re called HOT5! Not-so-yay lolol)

dollsClockwise from left: Yeonho, Lance, Red, Tei, and Yuri

You’ve got five dolls with their own unique backstories. Lance was your very first doll, Tei and Yeonho were dolls you bought through auctions, Yuri was a present for yourself when you were feeling really lonely this one Christmas, and Red is the only one of his kind, and you won him through a lottery. Fun fact! Crobidoll actually has a bunch of these guys up for sale on their website, but like the main character stresses time and time again, they cost a pretty penny. ;; (I REALLY WANT A LANCE AND YEONHO THOUGH but they’re sold out;;;;; Not that I could ever afford them but still lol )

dudesIt’s pretty much just one of those otome games where you click to select answers. There’s no ~skinship~ or ~stat maintenance~ and it’s more story-based than anything. The choices aren’t as hilarious as MysMes (I wanna lick Zen’s abs lolol is Iconic tbh) but they’re pretty cute nonetheless..

Anyway, here are my brief thoughts on each of the routes!



Let me get it out there, but Lance’s route was definitely my favourite. It’s a little light-hearted compared to the other routes, IMO! Lance isn’t usually my kind of character (I prefer types like Yuri and Red) but he was surprisingly really charming! The kids at your school nickname him the ~ice prince~ which despite being cheesy as Heck suits him perfectly. Lance is pure at heart, y’all. He’s also your classmate, along with Yeonho! I honestly can’t think of anything to say about him because it’s just going to be me going around in circles but generally Lance is pretty shy and straightforward, but genuine and kind. huhuhu bebe

My favourite scene with him is definitely the one that occurs on the roof of the department store! He was so shy lolol who knew lololol



yeonhoThey call him a little chick, which perfectly suits him! He’s the kind of character who likes waking you up and making you fried eggs that look like rabbits. He’s so cute and so charming and I love him a lot huhu. He’s a little… er… clingy, but he gets better. (Look at that face.) I honestly can’t say much about him without spoiling his route but PLEASE JUST GIVE HIM LOVE AND AFFECTION 8___8 sweet baby

H~mm as for my favourite scene with Yeonho… it’s probably every single time he makes rabbit fried eggs… or his crying face.




yuriHe calls you My Honey in English and while that’s easily one of the more embarrassing nicknames I’ve heard in an otoge, it’s also very charming. Yuri’s the stupid prince-type character in this game and I Love Him A Lot. While Lance has taken the spot as my number one in this game, I fell for Yuri at first sight LOLOLOL. His doll version is really cute, but I’m going to have to admit that his um, sprite (?) version and some CGs can sometimes be in, er, uncanny valley in terms of art. He’s still very handsome. (Also, he’s your teacher, if you’re, erm, into that.)


Yuri’s very relatable in the sense that he wears sheet masks all the time. Me too, Yuri. My favourite scene is… well, every time he gets up in the morning. lololol OR HIS VERY FIRST MUSIC CLASS.




I’m going to have to be honest with you—I probably liked Tei’s route the least, and he’s actually probably my least favourite character. I can understand why he’s charming—he’s a parent-kind of character, to the point where you all call him Tei-umma—but despite his ~plot twist~ I kind of found him sort of… boring. (This is pretty rich, coming from me lol.) And, uh, creepy. I actually had to reopen the game just so I could grab a cap of Tei’s face because I didn’t have any on hand… HAHAHA

But despite my disinterest in Tei I think he’s a pretty cool character, and his face is also really good-looking lolol. He’s kind of the sweet and doting upperclassman who’s popular with everyone because of his face and personality. Again, I’m not interested in those kinda of characters lolol

My favourite scene with Tei… wasn’t actually in his route. It was a bad end in Yuri’s route lolol




To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in Red’s design all that much (it’s probably the eye shape) but I really love hero-type characters (cough cough, Chiaki Morisawa) so I tried to open my heart to him. lolol and I’m glad I did, I guess! Red is overenthusiastic and believes he’s a real hero! He always tries his best and that’s one of my favourite characteristics in a character/person so he’s pretty charming. He’s also kind of… dense, but he honestly tries. He just wants to help you ): Let him ):

He’s the type who would do anything for you without going overboard or being hecka creepy, which I appreciate. Aside from one of his bad ends, my favourite scene with him is in a date at the amusement park!


??? + extras

There’s a secret route but I’m not posting that because I said minimal spoilers. lolol go buy the game to find out lolol it’s pretty heartwarming.

As for extras, there are a bunch of extra characters in the game that I really liked! Cafe manager isn’t here because… I don’t want to replay for the sake of getting a cap of his face lolol

Soi and Shinbi


Soi and Shinbi are your best friends! They’re your friends throughout all of the game’s routes, which is really comforting in its own way! TBH Soi can be pretty overbearing at times, but she means well. She’s your class president but her interests include 1) hot guys and 2) hot guys. (Same.) Shinbi, on the other hand, is a quiet and cool model! Despite this she has a gap in her personality because despite looking so serious… she can say some pretty silly things sometimes lol

(I’m lowkey upset that there isn’t a Shinbi route lol she’s so handsome)



If you’ve played MM and have seen Jumin’s love for Elizabeth, multiply that by 100000 and you get Yujin and his love for the skeleton model, Beatrice. Yujin is pretty wild and is the nurse at your school. He’s not very good at it.

Still, despite his eccentricities, he cares about MC in his own way and it’s cute lolol



ZIONNNN the love of my life. He plays the harp and despite looking like a Baby is solidly at least a year older than your character! He’s Tei’s coworker, and despite his face he can have a pretty sharp tongue. That gap is super cute.

His clothes are pretty atrocious though lolol. Zion second best boy

In Summary

All in all, Nameless was a bunch of fun! I’ll have to be honest though, I’m not actually fond of how the plot works, because I don’t like having to play routes as a means to the True End. By that I mean that I like playing routes as standalone stories, but the way that Nameless is written makes it impossible. Basically, there is no happy end unless you play the entire thing.

Don’t play with my feelings, Cheritz, I don’t like playing with your characters’ feelings huhu.

It’s on PH Steam for around PHP 756 or something, and I’d say it’s worth your money! 🙂 I should have said it at the start of the post but if you’re under 16 please don’t play it lolol it has some pretty suggestive content (operative word is suggestive, nothing happens y’all) but it’s still pretty jarring. When funds allow it, I’ll go get Dandelion too!

… In the meantime, I’ll probably play Lance’s good route again just to make myself happy hihi.

In other news, the notification for our Hobonichi package was (finally) sent to our house so ya girl is picking it up tomorrow! Things are getting a bit busier (!) around these parts but I find that updating is a lot easier when I’m in the middle of a bunch of things. (I’m not procrastinating, okay!!)


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    • omg ISN’T SHE!! I really like her design too and I really like this game’s art a lot

      plus she’s actually a tsukkomi it’s so funny lolol.mp3


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