《FOOD》✦どどっとつぶぴょ!・たのしいラーメンやさん ・手づくりアポロ✦

Three! Candy-making sets! In one go! It’s almost as if I have tons of free time on my hands lolol anyway over the course of the past few weeks I’ve been making candy sets again! They’re still a lot of fun and I’m also still extremely awful at making them lolol. Here we go!

どどっとつぶぴょ! (Dodotto Tsubupyo!)

From the creators of Nerunerunerune! I’m a big fan of Nerunerunerune because of how fluffy everything gets! It also doesn’t taste awful (I guess). This set has you make jelly (!?) so that’s… kind of… interesting.

ddpackageThe front of the package actually looks kind of terrifying. The little jelly balls look so excited but they’re actually about to meet their doom. Rest in pieces.


The set comes with a tray, a spoon, a… squid thing, and four packets of… stuff LOL. The blue packet is the powder to for the liquid the jelly things are dropped into, the green packet is for the jelly itself, the pink packet is for the fluffy stuff, and the red packet is for the topping.

cuteThere are actually three designs of this jelly dropper thing! I got the squid but I really wanted the octopus. I’m not picky tho lol


So the thing is you suck up the liquid on the right and drop it into the left to make these jelly balls! It’s like magic but it makes my fingers tired lol. (THIS STUFF IS LIT.) It’s not fun if you really want to finish everything because it’s so difficult lol. But! I will just say this but make sure to dissolve everything properly before performing the experiment (hehe) to make sure things work out properly!


Then you pour packet 3 and water into the thing on the right and mix mix mix! It becomes suuuuper fluffy then you put the topping. The topping’s kinda like pop rocks so I like it a lot lol

finished dodottoooo

My advice: eat the foam right away. If you leave that stuff for too long it gets watery. I’m speaking from experience. It’s gross, y’all. (I ate it anyway.)

Dodotto Tsubupyo! is a loooot of fun and it’s not so weird on the tastebuds so I’d really recommend it!

たのしいラーメンやさん ・Tanoshii Ramenya-san (Happy Ramen Store… or something)



Food-shaped candy squicks me out a little but I still wanted to try it out because I wanted to make the ramen itself hehe.


It has a tray with all the molds and mixing bowls, three packets (ramen noodles, soup, and gyoza filling), soft candy for the gyoza skin, a piping bag (which doubles as a mat to use for shaping the gyoza), a tiny fork, and a toothpick.

A single toothpick wrapped in plastic.


cut cut cutOne of the hardest parts of making these sets is cutting up the tray. Mostly because the scissors we have at home are so blunt LOL be careful of sharp edges, everyone!


The first step is to make the tamago and the naruto! these are made of the soft candy, and the egg yolk is made from the ramen dough. Naturally, the egg gets a solo shot. lol

gyoza skin

The piping bag gives an approximate to how large your gyoza skins should be … but not how thick. It’s also for shaping the balls the tamago and naruto are made of.


The gyoza filling is candy but it really looks like ground meat and peas! Super cute. I’ll tell you this–making gyoza by hand is so much easier than using this mold. orz. The first one was kind of bursting at the seams.

pipe pipe May silbi rin yung toothpick, guys. Pampabutas ng piping bag. Anuna.


So you piiiiipe the ramen dough into the soup and it becomes kinda like jelly? Kinda gross but also super cool.

EXCEPT I’M SO AWFUL AT IT HAHAHA so it looks really extra gross.

finished ramen

FINISHED!! Again, I had my younger sister eat this because it grossed me out a little, but she said it tasted fine! I had one gyoza and it was DELICIOUS, the filling was kinda minty. If they had a gyoza set I would buy it ASAP. Still, it was a lot of fun to make!

手づくりアポロ・Tezukuri Apolo (Handmade Apollo lol)

apollochanI never noticed their mascot!! It is so cute though!

I don’t have very good experiences with tempering chocolate. (Don’t try to temper chocolate using a rice cooker as your bain-marie. Please.) Luckily, this set takes away the hassle of tempering chocolate yourself!


The contents of this set are more simple and straightforward compared to the previous ones! It has a tray for the molds, three kinds of chocolate (strawberry, milk, and white) pens, small round hard candies, and a stick.

A stick.

It’s not like we don’t have toothpicks at home or anything.


And just for fun I guess, my sister was making the extremely complex pizza set right next to me. It tastes like real pizza. It has like. Powdered pork, probably. IDK, DON’T HUG ME, I’M SCARED.

its litlol illuminati

Usually you’d have to place the pens into hot water to melt the chocolate, but we live in the Philippines where the weather is awful so you could probably skip that step. But I still put them in the water to make sure they were completely melted. Be careful when handling the pens because the plastic gets reaaaaally hot!


The process is straightforward. You cut the tips of the pens off and squeeze the chocolate into the molds, layer the stuff, put some candy and mix them together if you want… Go wild.

I went too wild. It’s a mess. LOL but in all seriousness I didn’t cut one of the pens properly (!) which made it really difficult to squeeze.


I left mine in the freezer for 30 minutes (uncovered because I’m a health and safety hazard HAHA) and the chocolate solidified! The chocolate slipped out of the mold easily because of the smoothness of the chocolate. If you’ve had a Meiji bar before, you know what I’m talking about! The way the chocolate snaps is great and it’s smooth on the tongue.

If you don’t want to hassle yourself with making chocolate yourself though, just buy the normal Apollo. LOL

I’m trying to update every Thursday from now on! There are a loooot of candy sets I want to try, and I’m hoping to get my paws on them sometime soon.  (Even though I’m just going to get my sister to eat them lol.) Until next time!!


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