《FIGURE SKATING》✦Asian Open Trophy 2016✦


“I won’t be able to attend another competition soon,” I said eight months ago. “That’s fine,” I said.

Last August 4-7, the Asian Open Trophy 2016 was held in Manila! If I remember correctly, the last international competition held here (under the ISU judging system, that is!) was the ISU Development Trophy held back in 2014. The Philippines’ lone Winter Soldier Olympian had been unable to attend, but–despite some hiccups (and by that I mean, er, major problems)–it was a fun event!

Unlike GPF, where I had 4 cameras on me (oops), for Asian Trophy, I only had my phone and even then I didn’t take many photos! If you thought my pictures were shoddy before… well, there’s this post. lol. I was too busy ~living in the moment~ and enjoying myself!

I only attended the last two days of the event, and only got to watch senior and junior singles. (I really wanted to see Young You and Sofia Guidote, but alas, I am a schoolkid.) That’s fine, because I got to see some of my favorites anyway! 😀


Case in point–my current favorite from Japan’s junior men was there! Koshiro was lots of fun to watch and he did really well; however he and Marin are both using Romeo + Juliet for their music this season, which led to some physical recoil from me. Whoops. He’s very magnetic and charismatic IMO, I’ve liked him since last year’s JGP. I’ve seen Marin skate before, at JGPF last year, and she’s still so lovely. And Sejong is so tall, every time someone asked for a picture with him, he had to crouch down. I’m really glad I got to see him skate clean in person!

Junehyoung‘s jumps are gigantic, but their axes makes it difficult for him to land them, unlike Jinseo who has his knees that save him every time. Keiji, who won senior men’s, had a very trolly free that basically brought me to life LOL and despite a pop (…or two) he did great! Julian‘s career is something I’m looking forward to, too. Our homeboy (who… isn’t from here LOL) Andrew was also very lovely to watch, and I do like his skating skills!


Apparently, Soyoun wasn’t feeling very well during the competition, but regardless she was still very graceful, and as always, lovely to watch. (She’s so pretty and I love her. :'((() I could spend ages talking about the subtleties in her movements and how good her expressions are, augh. Amy is so much fun, and I really like both of her programs for this season!

The next event I’m planning on attending is the Four Continents Championship in Pyeongchang next February, but we’ll see if I can make it happen. Until then, the Junior Grand Prix series for this season begins today (at an extremely ungodly hour), so I’ll be keeping my eye on that. Until then! 😀



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