《HAUL》✦too cool for school〔2015.14.3〕✦

Is that what you call these kinds of posts? Hauls? Why don’t we have emojis with question marks for eyes? Why don’t we have an emoji for confusion? Why do we have two kinds of dead emoji, one with teeth, and one without? Is one more dead than the other? We just don’t know.

Not like any of that really has anything to do with the rest of this post though.

Yesterday, during a trip to Megamall to buy pants for older sibling, my mother decided that it would be good to stop by too cool for school’s stall at the Mega Trade Fashion Hall since I needed to buy a new facial cleanser. I mean… we were only supposed to buy that… but then the salespeople said they’d give us a 20% off discount if we reached 5000 PHP…

Me: Nanay, we don’t need that much!
Mom: Do you need it? Does your sister need it?

Okay, non-verbatim. We bought some stuff for her and some stuff for younger sibling and I.

Out of all the Korean skincare/makeup/etc. brands I’ve tried so far, too cool for school is my favourite (and not just because they don’t capitalise their name #aesthetic). I love their branding and their brand identity (sort of like, きもかわいい? Which is also me). I remember the first branch I went to was the MoA one a few years back, where I was attracted by the fake… decapitated… heads! They were so cute… and creepy… I loved it.

More importantly, their products are great! My personal favourites are the Dual Cover BB Cream, Sunday Block (which I needed, but was sold out), Multi Color Paint in no.6 Tomato Red (which I still have, but was also sold out), and Foamneza (which I needed the most… but was also sold out)! Multi Color Paint is very pigmented and you don’t really need a lot per application, and the tomato red shade is perfect since I like reddish-pinkish makeup! Foamneza is the first foaming cleanser I’ve ever used that didn’t dry out my skin. :’)

Grainy photo until I get home and have a camera and PS back. ):

Listing all the products in the photo from left to right, with the prices if I remember them! (Being the genius I am… I have no idea where the receipt is… I’ll update this post as soon as I find out the prices!)

〈I’m Fine Cotton・169PHP〉 Cotton pads made from 100% cotton! Usually I buy cotton pads from DAISO (180 pcs/88 PHP, y’all!), but they actually threw this in for free! I don’t know how many pieces there are in a pack though, but there are two rows of it!

〈Egg Mousse Pack & Soap Special Duo・???〉 The mousse pack is for use 2-3 times a week while the soap is for daily use, and much like Foamneza, these cleanse without stripping the skin of oil, instead leaving it fresh and moisturised! The soap is a lot denser than the mousse pack, and the salesladies even said that you could use it as shaving cream (?! well, the consistency is certainly very similar). Left is the mousse pack, and on the right is the mousse soap!

And that’s just touching the pump really lightly!

The mousse pack gets really absorbed into your skin, and is less dense than the foamy soap!

(… The texture reminds me of meringue, and that makes me want to eat it.)

(Sorry, that was kind of weird.)

〈Marshmallow Puff・279PHP〉 Ah yes, a Beauty Blender dupe. I’ve never used the real Beauty Blender but I’ve used Beauty Bar’s, which is around 50 PHP more expensive than too cool for school’s. Hopefully, this works just as well!

〈Takkoza・???〉 First of all, I really like the design of the ZA series! The skull and the colors are so good, ahhh. Anyway, make up remover wipes! I’m not a big fan of make up wipes, since I prefer cleansing oil, but these work really well! Especially when you’re extremely lazy.

You know.

Like me.

〈Xakziuza・749PHP〉 – This is apparently a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner all in one? Well I personally prefer to keep all these steps separate, but if you want to do it all in one go, then why not? This is for my sister though.

〈Morocco Ghassoul Blackhead Out・???〉 – Nose pore strips made using Moroccan mud, I think? Not a big fan of pore strips either (I’ve become less obsessed with what my nose looks like after I learned about sebaceous filaments), but my sister likes these, so this is hers too. LOL

〈Egg Cream Mask・???〉 – I love face masks so much, because I have an excuse to just lie down and do nothing. I only bought one piece to try it, hopefully it works well, especially since I liked the other egg-based products!

〈Art Class Artist Lip Brush・???〉 Baby’s first lip brush! I got so excited about it that I took a video of it! But then today my mother pointed out that most lip brushes are retractable. I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but I bought too cool for school’s Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #2 Hawaiian Flower, so I guess I’ll try the brush with that when I can, hihi! I really love the Art Class line, especially as someone who draws a lot, it’s just so cute! :’)

〈Artify Jean George Llong  Sunblock  SPF50+ PA+++・10mL SAMPLE〉  To be honest, I don’t wear makeup very often, especially since it tends to just melt off of my face anyway. (Thanks a bunch, tropical weather!) So usually I just wear sunblock, and if I’m feeling fancy I use an eyebrow pencil. That’s it. The sunblock I usually use is also too cool for school’s Sunday Block SPF 50+ PA+++, but mine’s gone missing in the midst of all the renovating and moving. (The eyebrow pencil I use is from the Glam Rock line, thank you angled tip and built-in spoolie, but this is about sunblock.) I’ve had a sample of this before too, and I did like it since it actually made my face look presentable without the need of any BB creams nor foundation, so I think I’ll buy the bigger version when I run out of the sample. :’)

That’s all for now! Hopefully these all work well for me! Aside from more sunblock, I’m looking into buying the Dinoplatz Loose & Silly, the Perfect day makeup fixer, and the McGirly Rice Scrub the next time I get to stop by a store. But in the meantime, it looks like I have a lot of great products to try, ahihi! \o/

Haul from:

too cool for school
Unit K205
Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
EDSA, J. Vargas Ave, Mandaluyong City
Ortigas, Metro Manila


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