Last month I bought the Kracie Happy Kitchen Decoration Cake set from The Food Bin‘s stall at The Podium, and I had so much fun with it that when I saw that they had another stall at Trinoma that weekend, I couldn’t help but buy the Poppin’ Cookin’ Let’s make! Obentō set from them too! My sister bought the Happy Sushi Store set as well, and let me tell you, making candy salmon roll was the thing that my life has always needed. The sets were 250 PHP each, and came with a set of printed English instructions! Thank you, The Food Bin!

iPhone photos of questionable quality and a pseudo-review ahead! Click a photo to enlarge it!

Let’s make! Obentō!


The front of the box it says “Let’s make! Obentō” in big letters, and on the bottom left corner we have the flavours of each of the foodstuff. Oh, and apparently it’s full of calcium!

Rice Soda
Octopus Sausage Strawberry
Fried Chicken Orange
Broccoli Muscat
Salt & Sesame Seeds Grape
Napolitan Grape
Omelet Lemon

Okay, but aren’t muscats grapes too? Not that it really matters.

The four leaf clover on the bottom-left says that the product has zero preservatives and artificial food dyes! Why buy real food when you can just eat tiny candy pretending to be food, you feel?


The back of the box has the instructions! Like I said earlier, The Food Bin is nice enough to include the printed English instructions when you buy a Happy Kitchen/Popin’ Cookin’ set! (My sister and I had bought ねるねるねるね and the takoyaki making set too, but those didn’t have English instructions, which was fine because we could still read them.)

This is the bag inside the box that contains all the ingredients. It has guides for shaping the onigiri, where to cut the piping bag for the napolitan, as well as “ham” to put the broccoli in, a heart to wrap around a toothpick to skewer the fried chicken with, and the actual box to put all the food in!



Disclaimer: I’m really bad with my hands, so the skewer, “ham”, and box all came out extremely lopsided. Welp. You can’t always get what you want.


The ingredients and equipment! All the packets (except for the salt and sesame seed powder) are labeled with “foodのもと”, so おにぎりのもと is quite literally “essence of onigiri” and that’s kind of hilarious to me. Essence of fried chicken is making me giggle a lot more than it should, to be honest. Each packet also says that the instructions are on the box.

The tray has a small triangular measuring cup as well as the various moulds needed to use the kit! There’s also a piping bag for the napolitan, and a fork for mixing everything. Thankfully the cup was easy to cut out (and that it was the only thing that I needed to cut!), because cutting the tray for the Decoration Cake set was a nightmare.

But that’s mostly because I’m really bad with my hands.


An important thing to note, I think, is that if you want the set to come out really nicely, you have to have really steady hands, which I… do not possess.

All I have to say is to stir as soon as you can (because these things start setting really, really quickly!) and make sure not to get essence of everything all over the place!







Octopus Sausage

FullSizeRender-12 FullSizeRender-13

Mixing the octopus sausage was Quite An Experience, especially since I didn’t want any of the jelly to spill! It was pretty difficult to get the jelly into its tentacles since they so small, I wish I had used one of those tiny plastic spoons instead. (Not that I had any on hand, so it doesn’t really matter.)


FullSizeRender-18 FullSizeRender-24FullSizeRender-17

The rice was so… rice-like, it was almost terrifying. The sesame seeds with salt got all over the place (sorry broccoli!), so it got pretty messy. I accidentally got some water into the panda mould too… gross…

FullSizeRender-16 FullSizeRender-15

It looks like someone punched it like, 20 times. I’d like to apologise to all the pandas in the world, for not being able to portray their species correctly. ):

FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-19

Fried Chicken

FullSizeRender-20 FullSizeRender-21

A tip for the fried chicken is to not mould it with your hands after separating it into two pieces. Mixing it with the fork gives it its chicken-like texture, and rolling it just makes it look like a grainy jellybean. You’ll see what I mean later.



I wish I had used a spoon to scoop the napolitan into the piping bag! I’ve learned my lesson and put the mixture near the corner I planned on snipping off instead of just dumping everything in with reckless abandon.

We don’t talk about the last time I used a piping bag.



And there you have it! The saddest excuse for a bentō on this entire planet.

It’s not as pretty as I would have liked it to be, but the important thing is that I had fun while making it, right? (RIGHT???)

I buy these kits mostly for the joy of making them, not so much eating the product. (I tried to eat the rice before, and let me tell you that eating something with the texture of rice and the flavour of soda is… again, Quite An Experience.) That said, I had my younger sister eat everything, and she said that it didn’t taste bad at all! I’ve had the strawberry jelly before and it was tasty, and I can only imagine that the other jellies are just as good!

I’m glad that The Food Bin has these in stock because I’ve been searching for these kits for the longest time, and they’re not as pricey as I thought they would be! (Although in Japan they do go for 250円 a set…) I didn’t have the opportunity to look for these while I was in Japan, so I’m glad I was able to find them here in Manila. Coincidentally, their main store is along Katipunan Extension, which is near where I live! Now I have motivation to actually drive!

You can buy Kracie sets from:

The Food Bin
201 Katipunan Avenue Ext.
Blueridge, Quezon City, Philippines

The same compound as WHAM! Burgers! Happy cooking (well, fake-cooking), everyone!


2 thoughts on “《FOOD》✦つくろう!おべんとう!✦

    • LOL THANK U MOM ♡ the next time i get a set i’ll invite you over! (and make Real Food while we’re at it, maybe LOL)


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